Light, Atoms, Ions, Electrons, Diamonds: Atomic and Quantum Optics

Welcome to the Atomic and Quantum Optics research group at the School of Physics, University of Melbourne.

Here, we study how light interacts with all sorts of quantum systems and ways we can tailor this interaction for useful purposes.

We have three main research directions:

  • Ultracold atoms, ions and electrons: using techniques from laser cooling and trapping to generate beams of cold electrons and ions
  • Quantum sensing with nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond: nanoscale quantum sensing with diamond defects
  • Laser frequency optimisation and stabilisation: making highly-stable, narrow-linewidth lasers for atomic physics

Lead by Prof. Robert Scholten, we have ongoing collaborations with both academic and industrial partners:

NV-diamond quantum sensing

Laser optimisation and frequency stabilisation

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