Instrumentation and Imaging

MOGLabs cat-eye laser design


In our research, we strive to learn new things, to do things that have never been done before, to do things faster, or to do things more precisely.  In pushing technical limits, we are continually developing new and improved instrumentation.  Science is all about learning new things and conveying new knowledge to others, and the same is true for our instrumentation: we publish our results (see below), and also translate that knowledge so that more can benefit from what we do, in partnership with MOGLabs.  Areas of particular interest include laser frequency stabilisation, laser designs, laser wavelength measurement, and atom imaging techniques. Examples include the commercialisation of an ultra-stable “cat-eye” external cavity diode laser (see above), and a low-cost diffraction-based laser wavelength measuring device.  If you’re an inventor that likes to develop next-generation widgets, there is no shortage of ideas waiting for you.

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