About us

Developed and promoted by Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, Building Information Models (BIM) provides the most detailed 3D spatial and semantic information about every building element during the lifecycle of a building. BIM is a 3D digital data space for sharing building information to enable multi-disciplinary collaboration among different actors involved in the development process of buildings. Recent surveys indicate that the BIM-based paradigm brings more productivity gains and long-term benefits. Therefore, this working group aims to promote BIM in IAG and encourage and report innovation in integrating BIM with geospatial engineering. This working group will conduct its activities in close collaborations with other relevant international professional organizations, such as GSDI, ISPRS and FIG.

Major objectives of this WG are to study, and report the use of:

  • To promote BIM and raise awareness in geospatial engineering applications
  • Integrating 3D mapping technologies and BIM
  • Interoperability between and other geospatial formats
  • Applications of BIM in indoor navigation, indoor positioning, 3D cadastres