The working group aims to deliver scholarly publications related to these two working items. Depending on the level of interests in the working items that we receive via the events and other channels, the working group will decide on the publication outlet (eg, special issues of the journals or edited scholarly book).

Special issues of scholarly journals

Transactions in GIS 2020

Publication 2021

Journal of Spatial Science, Volume 65, 2020

Conferences and workshops


GeoBIM benchmark 2019: intermediate results
Francesca Noardo, Filip Biljecki, Giorgio Agugiaro, Ken Arroyo Ohori, Claire Ellul, Lars Harrie and Jantien Stoter

EuroSDR GeoBIM project: a study in Europe on how to use the potentials of 3D BIM data and 3D Geo data in practice
Francesca Noardo, Claire Ellul, Lars Harrie, Emmanuel Devys, Ken Arroyo Ohori, Perola Olsson and Jantien Stoter

A multi-dimensional analytics platform to support planning and design for liveable and sustainable urban environment
Soheil Sabri, Yiqun Chen, Abbas Rajabifard, Kuay Lim T, Victor Khoo and Mohsen Kalantari

Graph transformation rules for IFC-to-CityGML attribute conversion
Joie Lim, Helga Tauscher and Filip Biljecki

Creating and maintaining IFC-CityGML conversion rules
Helga Tauscher

Quality of BIM-GIS conversion
Filip Biljecki and Helga Tauscher

Introducing level of georeferencing for BIM using Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) [PDF]
Christian Clemen, Hendrik Görne and Tim Kaiser

A BIM-based approach for representation and visualization of 3D cadastral boundaries [PDF]
Jing Sun, Lars Harrie and Jenny Paulsson

Data conversion and linkage to build comprehensive 3D environments [PDF]
James Crawford, Carsten Roensdorf, Jeremy Morley, Rudi Stouffs and Patrick Janssen


BIM and GIS Integration [PDF]
Yan Li and Mitko Aleksandrov

A Digital Built Environment: A coordinated vision for GIS, BIM and Digital Engineering[PDF]
John Mitchell

Comparison of a smart mobile application supported evacuation system and traditional evacuation systems [PDF]
Yasin Ortakci, Umit Atila, Emrullah Demiral, Kasım Ozacar, Ismail Rakip Karas

Strict and automatic mapping of IFC – BIM models into semantically enriched 3D CityGML building models (exterior and interior) [PDF]
Rudi Stouffs

Open Information Exchange Standards for the Integrated Digital Built Environment [PDF]
Jim Plume, Carsten Rönsdorf and Scott Simmons

buildingSMARTInternational and OpenGeospatial Consortium Framework for Collaboration on BIM-GIS Interoperability [PDF]
Jim Plume, Carsten Rönsdorf and Scott Simmons

An ISO Standards Perspective of BIM-GIS Integration [PDF]
Chris Body

Development of BIM/GIS interoperability platform for seamless indoor/outdoor information service [PDF]
Chunjoo Yoon and Changhee Hong

A Conceptual Framework for Multi-Scale Urban Energy Modelling Using 3D Geospatial Technology [PDF]
Soheil Sabri, Behzad Rismanchi, Abbas Rajabifard

Exploring the legal and institutional implications of Australian public policy perspectives towards leveraging BIM-GIS dynamics [PDF]
Ilsa Kuiper and Colin Duffield

BIM-GIS integration as dedicated and independent course for Geoinformatics students – Merits, challenges, and ways forward [PDF]
Ihab Hijazi, Andreas Donaubauer and Thomas H. Kolbe