Adding new users

Getting a WordPress user account

New user accounts are created automatically when a user logs in to WordPress using their university username and password. Any staff or student user can create their own account by visiting, That’s all you need to do. The system will fetch information from your central account, but you can’t do much else until an administrator adds you to a role on a site.

Adding a user to a role

If you administer a site, you can add an existing user to a role in your site.

From your dashboard, select Users > Add New from the navigation, and enter their username, and the role, or level of permission, you want them to have.

If a user does not have an account, they have to first create their own account linked to their university username and password as instructed above.

Exceptions for non-unimelb users

Sometimes you need to collaborate with a user outside the University. They might be writing posts for you, or the site may be a collaboration between different groups. You need to request that these users be added via the web help desk.