Mapping domains to sites

If you have a domain you are currently using, we can arrange for it to be mapped to a WordPress site, so that it appears at something like instead of You might want to do this for branding consistency, or some other reason.

There are some points to note:

  • It takes a little while, involving the assistance of a number of parties. Don’t leave it ’til the last minute.
  • There is an outage during migration. The process involves configuration changes at several levels, each one can only take place once the previous one is complete. The outcome is that the domain will redirect to the blogs.unimelb home page for anything up to several hours, until the chain of changes completes. This is only a problem if you are migrating an existing domain into the system.
  • The URL is only for public readers of your site. Anyone who logs in will drop back to the underlying blogs.unimelb site address.
  • University subdomains are subject to an approval process, but sub.subdomains (eg: are easy enough to obtain in consultation with your faculty web, or marketing manager.