About the theme

The default theme for WordPress sites is based on the Web Design System. The theme itself is still under active development with an aim of offering most of the common functions and features of the Design System, but maintaining the simplicity and ease of use of WordPress.

Our first release is relatively simple, but while we have a lot of work still to do, you can already set up a solid site which blends features of the Design System with common WordPress concepts. We think it’s a solid base from which to start.

What next?

We know there are problems, and fixing these will be a priority. Inline images, in particular, are causing headaches. There are also some unexpected problems when combining some page types and configuration options.

We also want to add new functionality as soon as possible, and are working on tool that will allow the addition of many common Design System components through a simple point and click wizard.

Switching to the theme

The theme is Network Enabled, which means that any admin user can apply it to their site now via Appearance > Themes, in their dashboard. It’s a good idea to use the Active Preview for a check before committing. As almost all other themes have been disabled, you may not be able to switch back without support.

Use the Live Preview button to test the theme before activating it.
Use the Live Preview button to test the theme before activating it.

In the coming months, we will require sites to switch, but before then the theme will be more mature and fully featured, and we’ll have contacted site administrators about the change, so we’re expecting it to be a positive change all around.

Not the theme for you?

In some circumstances, we will make available alternate themes. We will maintain strict guidelines around this, and the circumstances of each request will be treated individually.

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