Go live! Public and other permissions.

When new sites are created, they are not public. This lets you get your site just right before publishing to your audience.

Once you’re ready, visit your Dashboard, and choose Settings > Reading.

Set your Site Visibility to option that suits your needs.

  • Allow search engines to index this site – this is the standard setting for almost all public sites. Anyone can see it, and it welcomes search engines in to index the content.
  • Discourage search engines from indexing this site – this is also public, but asks search engines not to index the content. Why would you do that? Well, some sites are used as a way of generating a news feed that gets displayed in another site. In these cases, you might prefer search engine traffic to go to the main site, rather than the blog.
  • Visitors must have a login – All staff and students can gain access.
  • Only registered users of this site can have access – Admins can choose individual staff and students to have access to the site. This can’t be done on a group basis, though.
  • Only administrators can visit – Good for testing purposes before making it live.
  • Anyone that visits must first provide this password – Lets you set a simple password that anyone can use. Registered users of the site won’t need the password.

Site Administrators can change this setting at any time, and it applies to the whole site immediately.