Block News Listing

We’ve just added a new component to the Live Shortcodes Plugin, that lets you display posts using the Block News Listing from the Design System.

Just click the Add Shortcodes button above the editor. (If you don’t have Live Shortcodes enabled, just ask via the helpdesk.)

Select the Block News Listing module from the options.

You’ll then see a large popup with a preview of your block listing, and a range of options for filtering by keyword and category as well as adjusting some of the information displayed. Just adjust your settings until you’re happy with the result and Insert Shortcode to add it to your page.

Posts with Featured Images will display with thumbnails, and Sticky posts will use the two column Hero layout.

There are, unfortunately, some bugs! We’ll be working to fix these issues as soon as possible. Also, only use this shortcode in pages; don’t use it in posts, it won’t display properly.

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