The new and improved Readings Online: keeping your teaching material copyright compliant just got easier

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If you are involved in making teaching material available to students, then you will probably already be familiar with how important it is to ensure those resources are copyright compliant.   While the statutory licences for educational purposes allow us to make copyright material available to students; academics must make sure that they comply with the limitations on the types of material we’re allowed to us and the limits on the amounts that we are allowed to make available online.   There are marking and citation requirements as well as ensuring only students can access the readings, ideally via the LMS.  All in all, keeping teaching material copyright compliant can be quite challenging even at the best of times.

Readings Online is a service provided by the Library that will manage copyright compliance on your behalf.  Last year, Readings Online implemented specialist eReserve software to better facilitate the creation and maintenance of reading lists as well as ensuring that the University meets its compliance obligations. Subjects using Readings Online don’t need to try and remember all the different dos and don’ts for using copyright material for teaching, staff can simply submit their reading list and all of the copyright requirements will be taken care of.  In 2016, Readings Online has been provided with additional funding to help subjects transition from the LMS into Readings Online.  Subjects who move to Readings Online this year simply need to provide a reading list and Readings Online staff will create your reading list in Readings Online and integrate it into your LMS site. It’s not to late to send in your Semester 1 reading list!

Although copyright compliance is one of the key benefits to Readings Online, other benefits are that it is fully integrated into the University’s Learning Management System (LMS) and allows academics and their students 24/7 seamless access to their reading lists.  Readings which can be sourced from the Library’s databases can be made available to students immediately, and teaching staff can easily add or modify their reading lists by using eReserve’s search interface, or attach PDF files of the required readings during the submission process.  Once readings have been added to the Readings Online database, they be easily shared by other subjects and reused the following year.   Readings can also be easily organised into user-defined categories by simply dragging and dropping them into folders.  Readings Online is able to generate statistics which provides the numbers of students who have accessed each reading. While implementing Readings Online for your subject can save time in meeting the requirements of copyright compliance, it also presents our students with a more consistent learning experience.

You can find out more about Readings Online via their website.

If you  have any questions or if you would like to submit your reading list you can contact your faculty’s liaison librarian, or the Readings Online service.