Copyright Ebooks Now Available


The full range of copyright guides from the Australian Copyright Council are now available as eBooks.  Staff and students can access the full text of the guides via the Library catalogue.  26 titles – listed below – covering a wide range of topics are available.

Architecture, building design & copyright

Commercialising copyright

Copyright & online technologies

Copyright & publishers

Copyright essentials

Copyright for businesses

Copyright for music teachers: educational institutions & private tuition

Copyright in training materials: a practical guide

Educational institutions: using sound & screen

Educational institutions: using text & images

Film & copyright: making content for big and little screens     

Galleries, museums & copyright

Government and copyright

Graphic designers & copyright: a practical guide

Historians & copyright: a practical guide

Interactive games & copyright

Libraries & copyright

Moral rights: a practical guide.

Music & copyright

New technologies for education: a practical guide

People with a print disability: access to copyright material

Permissions & copyright clearances

Photographers & copyright

Special case exception: education, libraries, collections: a practical guide.

Websites & social media

Writers & copyright 

These books, along with the information available on our website, are great resources for anyone wanting to find out more about copyright.

Image: Ebook by Esther Vargas by-sa-icon