On the 2nd Day of Copyright Christmas…

On the second day of Copyright Christmas, my true love gave to me two quick and easy ways to get my subject readings ready for 2017 and 1 copyright compliant video on Youtube.

If you are racing to get your subject readings uploaded to the LMS before you finish up for your summer holidays, then Readings Online can help.  There are two quick and easy ways to use Readings Online.  The first (and quickest and easiest) is to simply email your reading list to readings-online@unimelb.edu.au and we’ll manage the rest for you.  While it doesn’t matter what format your reading list is in, as we can upload your readings regardless, if your reading list is already in either an Endnote Library or Refworks Library and can be exported as a RIS file – this makes uploading quicker and easier.

Alternatively, if you would like to use Readings Online but would prefer to upload your own subject reading, you can use Readings Online self service.  Easy to follow guides on uploading readings are available from the Readings Online website and if you need help you can either email us or call on X48069.

Either way, if you follow these suggestions, your readings will soon be available via your LMS page and it will be one more thing to tick of your to do list and you can sit back and relax.  If only Christmas shopping was as easy!