On the 6th Day of Copyright Christmas …

On the sixth day of Copyright Christmas, my true love gave to me: six submissions to the Productivity Commission Review of Intellectual Property five new information sheets from the Australian Copyright Council (ACC), four steps for using Readings Online self servicethree copyright news articles,  two quick and easy ways to get my subject readings ready for 2017 and 1 copyright compliant video on Youtube.

As we wait both for the Big Guy to arrive and for the Final Report from the Productivity Commission’s review of IP (some of us more impatiently than others!); celebrate Christmas by catching up on post-draft submissions made by universities. Particularly relevant intellectual property arrangements include the ‘Fair Dealing’ exception, ‘Open Access’, and ‘Safe Harbour’ recommendations.  6th-day
Universities Australia (UA) argues that Australia’s present copyright laws are inflexible and unbalanced, and block Australian universities from making full use of cutting edge digital technologies, such as data and text mining in research, and limit how we deliver innovative content via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). UA believes these laws prevent Australian academics from fully engaging with colleagues and the broader community and stand in the way of Australian universities collaborating with business and industry.

A ‘fair use’ exception would make it easier for universities to use and make available copyright material for educational and research purposes, as well as engaging with the wider academic community. From a university’s perspective, a broader, open-ended exception that focuses on fairness would remove unnecessary and costly administration.  Peter Martin, Economic Editor of The Age has written a great piece on why we need fair use.

See the full submissions from the six universities, including UoM, that responded to the Productivity Commissions Draft Report. The Final Report is due to be tabled in 2017.

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. University of Queensland
  3. University of South Australia
  4. Swinburne University
  5. University of Technology of Sydney
  6. University of Sydney
Image credit : white male 3d man by Peggy_Marco From Pixabay.com CC0