Copyright and The Big O (Orientation, that is!)

Recent blog posts have focused on getting ready for teaching and Semester 1, but for many of you this time of year is when you’re flat out getting ready for Orientation.  No doubt you’re busy making the hard decisions (should we go with Fantales or Minties for the lollies giveaway?) and haven’t had much of a chance to spare a thought for copyright.  So here are our top copyright tips for Orientation.

Performing Music at Orientation Events

The University has a music licence which allows us to play music at University events.  So whether it’s Tay Tay at the FBE students’ welcome sausage sizzle; or a live performance of classical music to accompany the Dean’s welcome, we’ve got you covered!  There are some conditions and limitations that apply and more information is available on our website or you can contact us.

Photographing and Filming at Orientation

If you are photographing or filming students at Orientation then you may need to get their consent.  Two consent forms are available – one for if you are just photographing people or filming them and one to use if the person being filmed or recorded is creating or providing copyright material, for example if you are doing a Vox Pop for students.  This consent form can also be used if you are asking students to create content for you that may then be uploaded and shared on the web or via social media. Copies of both consent forms and information on using them is available on the staff hub.

If you are photographing or filming at events where there are large numbers of people present; it may not be practical to get consent from each individual person. Signage is available to let people know it’s happening and what to do if they don’t wish to be filmed or photographed.  You can download templates for the signage from our website.

Social Media

Many of you will be making use of the University’s social media presence to communicate with students.  If you upload images to social media, make sure that the images are copyright compliant. Here are 3 quick and easy ways to source copyright compliant images:

  1. Create the image yourself.  If it includes people make sure that you get their consent to post the image on social media (see above).
  2. Use images from the University’s imagebank (for University themed images)
  3. Use Creative Commons images (for more general images). You can limit your search on Google to just Creative Commons content.  We posted instructions on how to do this in one of Christmas blog posts. (just ignore the Christmas theme!)

These tips work equally well for any website or print media such as a poster or brochure.


If you are running competitions for students during orientation, there are some requirements to be aware of and you can contact us for more information

We hope that these suggestions have made your orientation preparation both a little easier and copyright compliant.  We’re happy to help, so if you have any more questions, send us an email or give us a call.

Image credits – University orientation from the University imagebank1950s ‘Sweetacres’ Fantales and Minties advertisement by Bess Georgette, licensed under CC BY-SA