Cooking for Copyright – Battle of the Sponge Cakes

All this week, To celebrate the success of the original Cooking for Copyright campaign, which was instrumental in getting an amendment to the Copyright Act which brings the duration of unpublished works into line with published material, we are republishing our blogs from 2015.  We hope you enjoy them again.  We’ll be blogging more details of the recent amendments to the Copyright Act soon.

This week is Cooking for Copyright.  We asked Katie Wood, an Archivist at the University’s Archives, if she could find us some old recipes for Cooking for Copyright.  Katie has been an absolute legend and found us some fantastic recipes.

The Armytages were a prominent Melbourne family and we hold a collection of documents related to the family. In the Armytage family’s recipes and household hints, Katie, with help from her colleagues in Archives, found three recipes for sponge cakes from 1938 and 1939, including one for a prize winning cake.

Cake # 1 1938 Sun’s Sponge Cake – 1st Prize

I love that the recipe notes that the prize was a 26 pound sterling gas stove awarded to Mrs. Wilson.

Cake #2 1939 – Enid’s Sponge Cake (V.Good)

And here’s where I think the recipes get interesting. Enid’s recipe for sponge cake from January 1939 is noted as being very good.  Grace’s recipe from July 1939 is also noted as being very good and the author of the recipe notes that (perhaps controversially??) that Grace’s cake may be better than Enid’s to such an extent that Enid has begun using Grace’s recipe in preference to her own! (Them’s fighting words!!!!)

We haven’t had a chance to bake all three cakes and put them to a taste test to see which is best.  But if anyone out there is willing to take on the challenge – we’d love to hear from you.  Comment on our blog below or post on the Library’s Facebook or Twitter using #spongecakebattle.

Download the recipe for Enid’s Cake

Download the recipe for Grace’s Cake

Download the recipe for Sun’s Sponge Cake (1st Prize)

Recipes and images courtesy of Armytage Family Collection Armytage 1968.0011 55, File 5_5 Recipes, household hints etc. Unit 7 University of Melbourne Archives.