Cooking for Copyright – Grow your own chicks

All this week, To celebrate the success of the original Cooking for Copyright campaign, which was instrumental in getting an amendment to the Copyright Act which brings the duration of unpublished works into line with published material, we are republishing our blogs from 2015.  We hope you enjoy them again.  We’ll be blogging more details of the recent amendments to the Copyright Act soon.

For today, our final day of cooking for copyright, we thought we share a recipe we found for the animal members of the family as well as a recipe for growing your own chicks!  I know it’s probably not technically within the scope of Cooking for Copyright but apart from being rather fun; I thought they were worth including because one of the frustrating things of not being able to share unpublished material due to copyright restrictions is that nobody really knows what hidden gems are lurking in our library collections and what their value could be.  It’s only when we share our collections with library users and the general public that we get people coming forward to help identify the significance and/or importance of material.

So here below from the Harrison family recipe book we have a recipe for Horse & Cattle Spice.  Presumably a nice treat for the equine and bovine members of the Harrison family!

Harrison Family – Horse & Cattle Spice

We had to include this because it was just too cute – a recipe for growing your own baby chickens.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any fertilised eggs to test out this recipe to see if it actually works.  We would love to hear from anyone @ Vet Sci if these recipes actually work!

Harrison Family – Instructions for Working Incubator (aka How to grow your own chicks)

You still have until the end of the day to post your #cookingforcopyright photos on social media.  We hope you’ve enjoy this fun look at copyright.  Thank you to Katie Wood and all the other staff at Archives who helped find these fabulous recipes.  We couldn’t have done Cooking for Copyright without you!

Stay tuned to our blog as next week we’ll catch up on what’s been happening in the wider world of copyright because there’s been some interesting developments.

Download the recipe – Harrison Family – Horse & Cattle Spice

Download the recipe – Harrison Family – Instructions for Working Incubator (aka How to grow your own chicks)

Recipes and images courtesy of Harrison Family Collection Harrison Family 1978.0119, File 4_7 Recipe Book, Unit 2 University of Melbourne Archives.