4 from 23 – Copyright Topics in 23 Research Things

23 Research Things is an online learning programme for university staff and graduate students, showcasing a range of digital tools that can support research activity.  While lots of research topics are covered, we thought it would be worth highlighting 4 copyright related things that you might find helpful:

Thing 17: Open Access – Gold, Green and Black – Open Access (OA) refers to the ability for anyone, anywhere, to access academic research free of charge. This blog post aims to demystify the three main varieties of OA: Gold, Green and Black.

Thing 18: Sharing Your Work (Without Breaking the Law) – Knowing what your publisher will let you share with others, and where you can share it, is one of the more challenging obstacles to reaching an audience outside academia. In this post, we provide some guidelines on sharing online (without upsetting your publisher).

Thing 19: Open Access and Your Thesis – Making your thesis publicly accessible requires consideration of a number of concepts: institutional policy; attitudes of prospective publishers; 3rd-party copyright; and indexing in search engines, including the effect on citation and impact of your work. This installment of 23 Research Things aims to shed some light on these considerations.  

Thing 20: Avoiding Deceptive, Unethical, Predatory and Vanity Publishing – Some argue that the breakdown of trusted information sources is one of the major challenges faced in the 21st century (Gray, 2017). This view is influenced by the growth in deceptive, unethical and predatory publishing practices occurring online. As victims, academics and their institutions, often experience financial and reputational damage from unethical scholarly publishing.


Image from Pixabay by 3dman_eu