Finding Creative Commons Images

It can sometimes be quite difficult to locate high-quality images online that can be used without either risking infringement or having to seek permission from a copyright owner (which can be very time-consuming and potentially expensive!). Luckily, Creative Commons licenses make it far easier to identify suitable images, as these licenses clearly spell out the different ways in which the material can and cannot be used (for example, whether or not an image can be used for commercial purposes). A number of popular online image sources such as Flickr and Google can be filtered to show only Creative Commons images, and can also be limited even further to specific Creative Commons license types.

To find out more about how to apply these filters, please check out the following updated guides on our website:

If you need to find some Creative Commons images to use in your teaching material, blog, publication or website, then hopefully these guides will be useful!

Image Courtesy of Pixabay