Save the Internet – Tell the European Parliament to stop the harmful copyright proposal

I saw this this morning from Creative Commons – not really the best way to tackle piracy and promote innovation.

Tell the European Parliament to stop the harmful copyright proposal

European lawmakers are drafting new copyright rules that will require online platforms to automatically monitor and filter all user-uploaded content. Their intention is to stop copyright infringement, but the reality will go so far beyond that it will risk breaking the internet.

This means that nearly every platform — from Instagram to YouTube to SoundCloud to Flickr — will have to review every single uploaded file for copyright infringements before it is allowed to go online. Such a system would be so expensive that only huge companies would be able to join the market, and it would surely flag tons of perfectly harmless and non-infringing content.

The draft law would also allow press publishers to demand fees for linking to headlines and snippets. This will kill news linking on the web. How do we know? It already failed in Spain and Germany. The new “link tax” would drastically disrupt the free flow of information online.

These copyright proposals will break the internet as we know it.  Go to to find out more and what you can do to prevent this.

Source: Creative Commons CC BY.

Photo by David Iliff on Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0