Creative Convergence 2019

Entering year three of this ARC project, we are moving into the outreach phase of the research, by developing opportunities to share the findings of the Creative Convergence research thus far, and to experiment more fully with how we embed understandings of young people in regional Victoria in the work of theatre and theatre companies.

We will be continuing some of our fieldwork, particularly in reaching out to new areas of the state such as central Gippsland, as well as thinking more carefully about what we have learnt about the growing regionalisation, or decentralisation, of Australian culture. We are also planning a VR experiment in partnership with Arena, MTC and one of our other regional hubs, and will be hosting a one-day conference in October 2019 curated in association with Theatre Network Australia and the Abbotsford Convent.

Sadly, Nat Cutter, our very able research assistant who made such a difference to the content management of Circuit, our mapping tool, will be moving on to finalise work on his PhD. So thank you Nat! We are in the process of recruiting a replacement Researcher, and will update the blog when this can be announced.

Paul, Jen, Christian, and Jeremy (CIs for the CC project)

Creative Convergence: Enhancing Impact in Regional Theatre for Young People