Case Studies

The structure of this project and the questions we are investigating have determined a particular research approach. For each partner organisation, a project is determined, and within each project one or more case studies are developed.

Case study research is generally considered qualitative research, emphasising detailed contextual analysis of a limited number of events or conditions and their relationships. Social scientists, in particular, have made wide use of this qualitative research method to examine contemporary real-life situations and provide the basis for the application of ideas and extension of methods.

The research tools we are using to collect data for each case study include participatory workshops (incorporating embodied practice, written responses and curated images from the production), group interviews, individual interviews, and surveys. We are also currently developing a cohort of participants for longitudinal engagement in the study, young people who we have connected with through our workshop process who are keen to participate further.

So far in the course of this project, we have worked with or observed students and staff from the following schools (theatre companies and programs/shows are listed in parentheses):

Bellarine Secondary College, Drysdale (MTC, Melbourne Talam; GPAC, Take Over)
Marymede Catholic College, South Morang (MTC, Melbourne Talam)
Lara Secondary College, Lara (GPAC, Take Over)
Galen Catholic College, Wangaratta (MTC, Melbourne Talam)
Orbost Secondary College, Orbost (Arena Theatre Company, East Gippsland Workshop Program)
Newhaven College, Phillip Island (Bell Shakespeare, Regional Teacher Mentorship Program)
Trinity College, Colac (Bell Shakespeare, Regional Teacher Mentorship Program)
Geelong Lutheran College, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
Geelong High School, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
St. Joseph’s College, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
Sacred Heart College, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
Surf Coast Secondary College, Torquay (GPAC, Take Over)
Mackillop School, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
Belmont High School, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
Geelong Grammar School, Geelong (GPAC, Take Over)
North Geelong Secondary College, Geelong (MTC, Hungry Ghosts)

Creative Convergence: Enhancing Impact in Regional Theatre for Young People