Circuit: Mapping Theatre Performances in Victoria

Conceived in response to partner requests to visualise and analyse touring in Victoria, Circuit is an innovative and visually engaging tool representing mainstage and education shows, workshops and residencies presented by theatre companies in Victoria.

Created with Septi Rito Tombe, a Masters of Information Technology student, in partnership with SCIP and the Digital Studio, the data in Circuit is drawn from the AusStage database, substantially expanded and corrected with data gathered directly from our partners. In development is an audience-mapping function, drawn entirely from archival records held by our partners. The tool can be searched by venue, location, show, company and school, and filtered by the household income and percentage of under-18s in the area. Connecting lines trace the direction and density of touring performances.

Circuit has proved to be a fascinating and thought-provoking data analytics tool which has expanded understanding of geographical and temporal impact for our partners. We hope to continue expanding and refining this tool into the future.

Please note: Circuit is optimised for Chrome and Opera, it will not function correctly in other browsers.

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