Good data in action

No matter how good the metadata, you can never really replace the insights you get from collecting the data

Today’s quote and good data example for Love Your Data Week 2017 has been submitted by Jian Yen, Research Fellow in Community Ecological Modelling, School of BioSciences.

One data set I’ve used a lot is bird survey data from a collaborator in the United States.

These (and several related data sets) are all available online, and are relatively well version controlled and documented.

I’ve found them relatively easy to work with. I have to do quite a bit of cleaning to get them into an analysable format, but because the data are consistent and well documented I can do this fairly easily with a few lines of R code.

I also consider these good data because the data collector (Erica Fleishman) is very keen to see these data used. She provides quick and detailed responses to any queries, and we have collaborated on a lot of projects as a result.


Picture credits: mickey, ‘birds‘, Flickr Creative Commons, CC BY 2.0