Network Patrons

We are delighted that these historians, personally and professionally associated with Louise Hanson-Dyer (née Smith), have agreed to lend their support to the Network

Marion Poynter, for the Smith and Gengoult Smith families

Professor Jim Davidson, author of Lyrebird Rising: Louise Hanson-Dyer of Oiseau-Lyre, 1884-1962

Professor John Poynter, OBE OA, author of The Audacious Adventures of Dr Louis Lawrence Smith, 1830-1910

Network Affiliates

Dr Charlotte Armstrong
Postdoc Research Assistant
University of York

Jaynie Anderson FAHA OSI
Professor Emeritus
University of Melbourne

Dr Peter Asimov
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Warren Bebbington AM
Professorial Fellow
University of Melbourne

Dr Denis Collins
Associate Professor & Deputy Head of School
School of Music
University of Queensland

Rachel Collyer
PhD Candidate
University of New England

Professor Rachel Cowgill
Department of Music
University of York

Sue Daniels
PhD Student
Kings College

Bruno Gaullier
Independent researcher, GB Audiovision

Dr Jane Hardy
Medieval and Early Modern Centre
University of Sydney

Dr Jen Hill
Curator, Music
Student and Scholarly Services
University of Melbourne,

David Irving
ICREA Research Professor
Institució Milà i Fontanals de Recerca en Humanitats—CSIC

Professor Barbara Kelly
Director of Research
Royal Northern College of Music

Dr Sarah Kirby
Tutor, Lecturer
University of Melbourne

Dr Fred Kiernan
Research Fellow
The University of Melbourne

Dr Alan Maddox.
Senior Lecturer in Musicology
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Thalia Laughlin.
PhD Student, Tutor
University of Melbourne

Professor Catherine Massip
Institut de recherche en Musicologie

Professor Deborah Mawer
Co-Director, French Music Research Hub
Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Birmingham City University

Dr Orhan Memed
Harpsichordist, Film Producer

Dr Samantha Owens
Professor of Musicology
Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka
New Zealand

Dr Simon Purtell
Associate Director
Academic Capacity, Strategy and Performance
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
University of Melbourne

Dr Isabelle Ragnard
Sorbonne Université (Lettres)
Institut de recherche en Musicologie

Madeline Roycroft
PhD candidate, Tutor
The University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Janice Stockigt
Principal Research Fellow
The University of Melbourne

Dr Jason Stoessel,
Senior Lecturer in Musicology and Digital Humanities
Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education
University of New England

Dr Gerard Vaughan AM
Art Historian
Director of the National Gallery of Australia (2014-18)