The 2 flying weeks: focusing on study experience (Jim)

Hello everyone, Sorry for the late entry. The past 2 weeks have been super busy. I have plenty to share on topics of my study and social life.

So let’s begin with my favourite subject Legal method reasoning,

(law subject). My reflection on the past 3 weeks is wonderful. My lecturer, Ian is so great, he prepared for his class with dedication and passion. I am really enjoying listening to his funny and vibrant lectures. Do u know any lecturer who will stay behind an hour after the original 2 hour lecture to help students. well i am lucky to have one of them. ALso everyone is friendly. I am kind of settled in now. In class i still need to be more confident and respect myself more, i tend to not participate in discussion (it is good to share ideas and pratice speaking) because i hesitate on whether i can say my point clearly. Well, i am a fighter, it is improving already, so i just need to be keep focusing on the positive, and pretty soon, i will get on top of the nerves.
So far i haven’t encountered any obstacle, The reading is ok, interesting in terms of the issues we discuss.

principles of public law
The content is less exciting, (though some people who love history, love this subject) but my lecturer Simonia is doing a great job to help us to acqure knowledge of the legal system. She is very dedicated too. So i am very lucky to have good law lecturers.
Again, the reading is ok. I am behind on the reading schedule even though i try very hard. Got to catch up on the weekend.

Maths 141
I picked it as my non law elective, thinking it is fun. Well it is kind of boring at the start, but once i understand the concept it is quite interesting. I just love the feeling of solving a problem smoothly. My tip for this subj is to ask lecturer for help outside class.

Philosophy (reasons, responsiblity and religion) i actually changed into this subject after i found logic really different from what i expected it to be. IT is too technical from real life application. So i am now in this new subj, It is ok, the content is very easy as the lecturer taught me. but the reading for the concept is really hard to understand, right now i just rely on asking lecturer for help outside class. I have to say it is stupid the way it is written, making it really confusing. I talked to a few classmates, and they said it is crap as well.
I think old philosophers tried to use verbosity to embellish their simple concepts. Lucky my lecturer Doug is willing ot help.

So study is going smoothly, even though it is really busy (reading takes so much time).

Law camp
Went to the camp last weekend. It was mostly playing on the beach during day time and at night sculling beer and dancing. I met lots of ppl.

Well now let me focus on my fav part, personal/social life.

I neglected this part for the past 2 weeks, feeling kind of empty in my head, the feeling of trying to rush to complete things while feeling unsatisfied and grumpy. Well maybe i lacked some sleep.

I’ll talk about it next week, gtg, sorry. It is assignment time currently. Bye!

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  1. Unfortunately, that’s generally the way philosophy readings go – they’re wonderful but wordy. Soren Kierkegaard this week is awesome though.

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