Do I Move You? (Sophie)

Things have been wonderfully busy and stressful as my holidays have turned into a “How much can I fit in 24 hours?” game. It is usually a good thing as I become so physically exhausted sleep is a haven that I fall into with ease…however at times my excitement at everything I’m involved with causes sleep to become extraordinarily difficult. So I seem to fall between the two extremes.

I still haven’t done half of what I want to do yet…I’m hoping towards the end of this week I’ll have a few days of sheer relaxation as I stay at a wonderful 5 star hotel in the city with J while the floors in his house get re-done as his parents are away. I am so excited – this means Trampoline icecream every night for 3 nights straight!!!!! Supposedly he has organised some kind of ‘surprise’ for me to….it’s all a big secret…so I’m full of questions which he refuses to answer!!!!

The last few days has been a mix of working horrid 7am starts at Target for thrilling “Stocktake”. If I describe any further, you will no doubt fall asleep on your keyboard. The level of tediousness is indescribable. The only positive to it is that it motivates me even further to work as hard as I can do get the job I really want (far far far far farrrr away from retail).

In great contrast to this slave labour for androids, I have also been working for a contact in the business world which has, within days, become one of the most interesting things I’m doing right now in my life. I am learning so much and it is just so fascinating! At the same time I feel I am contributing something (though somewhat small) to a business project. As a first year Commerce student, I recognise my absolute privilege in being offered such a fantastic opportunity and I am getting as much out of it as possible.

Within the last few days I have also enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a Thai place on Brunswick St across from the Veggie Bar (which couldn’t fit our group of 7 in!). It was a charming meal, most likely better than anything we would have had at the Veggie Bar (it’s too noisy there for a group!).

We sat on the floor on beautiful decorative cuisions, surrounded by dim candle-light, as we enjoyed yummy (but hot!) curries with coconut rice, accompanied by red and white wine. It was strange how comfortable I felt with a group of people I really hardly knew. Normally it takes me a long time to relax around people…but here I just felt completely at ease. My best friend M did come along…but everyone else I was only pretty much acquaintanced with. They were all such great people though. So utterly non-sleazy, intelligent, funny, interesting and mature. It was a relief for me to have such an enjoyable time with a group of people after the terrible experience of going away with the ‘friends’ in my year level.

Amongst great discussions with everyone, some highlights were the stories from Mr Exchange Student where we heard about living in Holland….from the true meaning to the word “coffee shop” (i.e shop where you buy marijuana not coffee!), the ability for prostitutes to make tax dedectable purchases (it is a recognised profession) and the formation of the “Political Party for Paedophiles” (which even in liberal-minded Holland has caused much outrage), Mr Canada inviting me to a “Canada Day” party this weekend and of course the eating of my home-baked and decorated cupcakes (made to celebrate Mr Exchange Student’s 22nd birthday!).
It was so perfect how everyone just clicked considering that not everyone knew each other. The jokes were numerous, the humour shared. Such a great feeling.

J and I also had a fun adventure taking my two youngest brothers to Luna Park yesterday! Fairy floss = YUM!

Anyways…I have to go for now. I need to timetable my next few days.
I’m excited – tomorrow night is the PIS ANNUAL DINNER!!!!
Yay for politics!


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  1. Good stuff. I need to work out what i want in life too. I feel i am wasting time at home doing nothing much except watching tv, reading, exercising, genearl relaxing.

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