A quick update and some notes for First Years (Sophie)

I’m alive.

-Probably an important way to start!

I’m in a state of major lack of sleep right now so I just wanted to say things are all pretty good.

I quit “Tarjey” on Monday (Hello! -I’m trying to gain SOME respect here!)…which was an ‘interesting’ experience. I gave two weeks notice so still have a number of shift to do (unfortunately)…but I live my life with the belief that there is no point burning bridges uneccesarily.

I have been seeing a lot of friends and J which has been wonderful but there still seems never enough time in the day.

Also I have been working a bit….I am LOVING the casual work I have been doing for this investment banker I know. It is just thrilling learning everything I have so far. (Yes that sounds lame I know but I feel so grateful for the opportunity he has given me) I am more convinced than ever of what I want to do in my life career-wise (which is a great feeling after spending a number of years earlier on in life with absolutely no idea whatsoever except the knowledge that it involved business).

Last but not least, I have been shopping a lot….the money earnt has to go somewhere! I am loving ModelCo products right now, particularly the SkinDrink Airbrush Moisturiser. This stuff is amazing for mixing with foundation or setting makeup!

Overall my days have been passing way too fast and though I have a slight itch to get back to Uni already, part of me is really nervous about dealing with everything that entails.

In particular…I am nervous about facing a group of people who think I’m some kind of judgemental, tee-totaler, party-pooper, loser because I went away with them for one night, didn’t feel comfortable drinking….and it just so happened their idea of a good time was drinking until they passed out/vomited everywhere/sleazed onto me in front of their girlfriends. I wish I could forget the whole experience. But alas! First year is for new experiences right? So here are a few notes for naive First Years like myself.

Note 1: Do not go away with casual friends/acquaintances of whome you do not know their social habits.

Note 2: Whatever age you are, quit the job you hate.

Note 3: To be organised: Have a diary. Write in it. Follow what you write. Keep lists (your saviour). Keep in prominent place close to eye-level. Read every night before bed and every morning when you wake up.

Note 4: Be realistic. Perfection is unobtainable. Full stop.

Note 5: Push your boundaries once. Try again.

Note 6: Every once in a while stop and think. Are you being challenged? Are you healthy? What are you unhappy about in life? If no challenge exists, create one. If you are feeling unhealthy, firstly start exercising at least 3 times a week. Don’t be afraid to TAKE A BREAK. In particular, do not be afraid to call people or ask people for help/advice.

Note 7: Always extend your social network. Friends are your lifesavers. Make as many friends as possible from as many different places as possible in as many different age groups as possible. This is your best sanity saving defence mechanism.

Note 8: Every mistake is a good mistake because you learn from it. If you make the same mistake twice, you are an idiot.

Note 9: Be yourself. People like you DO exist and it is impossible to always fit in everywhere unless you are a Lemming. Good people value difference. Lemmings are boring and fall over cliffs anyways.

Note 10: University is a way of life. Developing who you are as a person over the next few years is the true key to life success. But please…do study and do try hard or you will regret it. HECS and CSP actually stand for something (i.e monetary loans) and will come back to haunt you later down the track so you want it to have been worthwhile!

Apart from that,
Goodnight and goodluck!


5 thoughts on “A quick update and some notes for First Years (Sophie)

  1. You didn’t quit your job at Target… you left your position as Company/Customer facillitator at the House of Target (pron. Tar-jay) (London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Chaddy)!!!
    PLEASE let me know ASAP about Monday!!!! –

  2. Wish I could swap! I am stuck at Safeway, a step down the food chain. But I had an interview this morning for Myer, so here’s hoping!

    I like your list! I love lists generally, but yours was extra good.

  3. Awesome advice. Though I have trouble with the exercise thing, I really should do something about that. Some time. In the future.

    Ooh, Johanna, which Myer was that for? I’m at the City one, and it’s not too bad at all. In general Myer is OK – g’luck.

  4. Hey Chris! I have trouble with the exercise thing too!!! Making time is SO HARD. I’m determined to get something organised this semester though. My body is suffering without exercise.

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