Welcome to Week 5 (Sophie)

Well…to be honest, a lot has been happening lately and I haven’t really said much about it.
This semester has been going so quickly that I’ve barely blinked and already Week 5 is here…it’s funny how at Uni you live by the weeks (at least I do with my schedule!).

I’ve been working very hard, I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks and it’s been difficult to find time to see all the people in my life I really care about.

I’m absolutely exhausted but the Superwoman attitude in me keeps me going…I won’t lie – A little bit of imported american mineral makeup helps me look normal!

There hasn’t been too much ‘major’ news I guess – just a lot of organisation for various events such as Leslie Cannold, http://www.cannold.com/ who is coming to speak at a Political Interest Society event next Wednesday the 30th. All are welcome to this free event, being held at 7:30pm at the Prince Albert Hotel in the function room.

Amongst everything this semester so far, I was faced with final round interviews for a Cadetship postion at Ernst & Young. It was an amazing experience and a lot of fun (and stress)….for the first time I thought seriously about possibly having an Accounting career (and it didn’t look too bad at all!), but alas! Fate intervened, told me I’m meant to be an Investment Banker and instead, offered me a part within the Ernst & Young EGM Development Program (a damn good consolation prize!). I am so excited to continue my involvement with a firm that is as friendly as EY (I thought all big companies were scary places…boy was I wrong!).

Out of the experience I also made a new friend…who is an absolutely lovely person and was offered one of the few Cadetship positions in the end. I am so happy for her as she was definitely one of the top candidates there. Funnily enough…she had read and commented on my Blog here in the past!!! So it is amazing how worlds can collide sometimes.

I have to run off to a BPA tutorial now (I thought I had more time to write *bangs head*)…good ol’ BPA…more on that later.

Take care everyone,

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