Drinking OJ, Talking Business (Sophie)

The last two days have been WONDERFUL. Stressful, tiring, worrying, amazing, exciting.

I’m feeling the best I’ve felt all semester. I’m finding my path again through this maze of university life.

So…I asked a question in my last post pertaining as to how others had found this semester compared to last. I said I would answer this question in my next post – and so I am. To be honest, I found the start of this semester very difficult. Suddenly I found myself questioning everything I once thought university was about….and for a few weeks I felt like Melbourne University was a very cold, distant and lonely place.

What I have now realised (or remembered?) is that University is truly what you make of it; how you see it….
A positive attitude, one that tries best to erode all feeling of fear related to social contact, is the best way to find yourself enjoying classes again. Ultimately…it is what you involve yourself in, and who you befriend, that decides the outcome of your university life.

Some of the people I befriended last semester, I have grown apart from; not through any fault of their own, but merely through my own realisation that it is important for me to spread my wings as far as I can possibly fly.

And somehow, people that I discounted ‘back then’ have ended up becoming the new friends of tomorrow…and in turn have led me to meet some other wonderful new faces within my course.

My involvement with the Political Interest Society is deepening as the days go by; Wednesday night was a fantastic success, with the delightful, intelligent and inspiring Leslie Cannold speaking to us at our “Politics in the Pub” night. Her feminist attitude, resonated strongly within me….and her discussion of “Multiculturalism and Feminsim – Can they mix?” provoked intense intellectually challenging and stimulating discussion….which went from talk of practicalities, to thoughts of philosophy. It was simply engaging and wonderful. I must again assert my sincere thanks to Dr Cannold’s presence on the night.

As that finished, I soon ducked off, squeezed into a car full of friends and went for icecream on Lygon Street. We spent a few glorious hours listening to the escapades of our Dutch exchange student friend, and his dear girlfriend – both of whom had just come back from travelling all around Australia by campervan. By 11pm, my body clock refused to maintain open my eyelids, and with goodbyes, I wished them luck as they were leaving back for Europe the next day. I hope I manage to stay in contact as they are such interesting and genuine people. One day…a trip to Europe will call me. [Hopefully sooner, rather than later!]

Last night was the defining night of my week as I ventured out to a Women in Investment Banking Cocktail Evening…held at Zinc at Federation Square. It was more than I could have ever hoped for; inspiring, motivating and exciting. I felt my heart beat with eagerness as think of the challenges that lay ahead of me – I can’t wait.

While there I also made a new friend…well at least someone I hope may become a friend. A lovely girl in third year at Melbourne doing Commerce/Science who shares some very similar interests to me! We were determined to talk to as many people there as possible, so with a glass of orange juice in my hand, and a glass of red wine in hers, we somehow ended up alone in an impassioned discussion which attracted two charming representatives from UBS to our sides!

After a very very long chat with both of them…they wanted to stay in contact, giving me a hope that maybe if they liked me, someone doing the hiring in the future may also! One of them was an ex-Melbourne Uni student who has done exactly what I hope to do…i.e Straight Commerce, no honours = graduate position in IB!!

I know it’s a big challenge for me to attempt to get a job with a single commerce degree….but I thrive on challenges, and if he did it, I know it is possible.

So that leaves me where I am now- determined and passionate about my life…as well as desperate to hit the books so my average is as high as I can make it [within the realms of sanity!],

But most of all – I am so damn thankful….that some of the most amazing people in the world, label me….as one of THEIR friends.


8 thoughts on “Drinking OJ, Talking Business (Sophie)

  1. Hey its good to hear that your having a good semester.
    My brother just graduated with a commerce degree, hes hoping to become an investment banker also. He is currently in Canada and soon to be Europe enjoying himself.
    Yep friends are good!

  2. Indeed, not many know that for example, the Treaty of Versaille, the crisis meetings in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the peace accord between Rabin and Arafat, were all naturally signed with OJ.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. I have a friend who’s doing commerce, his name is Robert (big athletic guy), do you know him? He also wants to be an investment banker!
    The whole world wants to become an investment banker! (Im the only exception offcourse lol)

  4. Hi samsam! Yeah…I think every single first year that exists wants to be in Investment Banking. Most people find reality after a few years studying though (i.e Investment Banking is not the glamorous job you expect).

    If banks are smart, they’ll hire people who are there because they want to work in IB for real, not just because of the money. A guy who interviews at Deutsche said to me he’s had the experience to be able to tell the difference now (between someone who realllly wants it and someone who doesn’t).

    Also I think if you manage to pass all the hurdles to get into IB anyways, you bloody well deserve it! If I wanted an easy job I’d be an Accountant!

    As for your friend Robert, I haven’t met him yet. Maybe you could introduce us some time?

  5. I don’t think hes THAT interested in investment banking (he is trying to make it at Rugby Union, he is at the VIS).
    You are probably right, most people think it is a glamorous job, but the amount of work and time you have to spend is just outstanding. I think my brother could make it because he is the ‘shark’ type… he is just really business savvy. Although I don’t really know you, I think you could also do it!
    Add me to msn (if you have it) : remas_samer@hotmail.com

  6. Not everyone who does commerce wants to do Investment Banking! Although I can see where you are coming from; a lot of people doing actuarial studies just think of the money or glory rather than really wanting to become an actuary. From the couple of hundred who do first year actuarial studies the numbers drop down to forty people who do honours, so I hope I make it!

    And I don’t think there will be a problem for you finding a job with just a single commerce degree; you have the determination and passionate personality to achieve anything you want to, including investment banking!

    xo Kim

  7. Hi Kim, thanks for the comment. I think you are right – any job that pays well is going to require a level of dedication, and something like IB or Actuarial requires a very high level of commitement and actual ENJOYMENT of what you are doing to be able to stick it out for a long time. I am sure you will make it through because you clearly intelligent enough and dedicated enough – so best of luck1!!

    That’s very kind of you to have faith in me like that…sometimes I lose it so it’s always nice to know that others believe in you too….I can only hope that those who do the hiring see something in me as well!!!


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