Gee golly gosh, I don’t think I’ve had such a weight off my shoulders since I finished the HSC. All of my assessments are done, everything handed in to the best of my rushed-to-finish-do-tutors-really-care-about-word-count standard. I’m reasonably happy, but as always, I won’t really know until the lovely Thursday of December 7th. I am aiming to increase my H1 average to be even more competitive for my transfer, but I have no idea whether or not this is possible / likely. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy thrusting it to the back of my head, like some kind of rusty screw.

In other news, I had a great time during the last few days of the MIAF, and even went to the “exclusive” Closing Party, where I mingled with some of the world’s most exciting artists. Well, by mingled, stood somewhere in a venue near. And most of the best artists were too cool to attend. BUT IT WAS FUN OTHERWISE! I was introduced to the writer / performer of a play that I saw earlier in the year at the Malthouse called ‘Autobiography of Red’ and having nothing else to say, I gushingly lavished him with compliments about it. He just stared at me, and then left. For the next twenty minutes, I wanted to die several times over. Another entry on the rest of that night, and the other incredible productions I saw, later methinks.

My brother arrives from Sydney tonight! He’s staying with me for a week, which is exciting, because after that he buggers off on an around-the-world trip for at least 12 months. I haven’t seen him for 4 months, and I’m not going to see him for at least a year after that. In the space of 12 months, our family dynamic has changed so much that it’s incredible. But it’s all looking positive too, because, at least for me, I know that I’m still growing and evolving as an individual. Would love not to cook though. Maybe I’ll make my brother do that.

Anyway, good luck with exams my fellow bloggy-bloggers, and good luck to any Year 12 students who actually read this – not long to go now!

6 thoughts on “FINISHED (Chris)

  1. wow, with that final remark chris I think I’ll come clean.. I’m a year 12 student and I actually have been reading the blog this year, checking it pretty often in fact 😛
    but I’m not sure I count entirely because I’ve also been doing subjects at melbourne uni through the extension program – philosphy subjects.

    at the start of the year chris I worshipped you and your playwrighting prowess and was all inspired and also wanted to do creative arts/look at transferring to law (it wasn’t all ’cause of you 😛 but I did think it was pretty awesome that we were looking at doing the same thing)… but now I want to go to ACU and do midwifery.
    I still want to write plays 😀 but I want some really rigorous subject matter and I’m passionate about birthing.

    whoops, I didn’t mean to write my life story, teehee.
    but yeah, this blog has been groovy.
    my last exam’s on monday – damn you for being finished! 😛

  2. Hey Moose how do you go from thinking about Law to mid wifery?

    I am not trying to have a go at YOU, but maybe at other people… people that get 99.something and do Law just for the sake of it. They really don’t give a crap about law and don’t want to become lawyers, they just do it because … well theres heaps of reasons… ohh i got into law is one lol. A friend of mine’s sister got 99.95 and is doing Arts/Law.. and she hates Law and never had any interest in it. There are so many people that drop out of law… I think it has one of the highest drop out rates. So if you really don’t want to do law and become a lawyer, don’t take other peoples places damn it! Just because they didn’t get 99/98! … they might have gotten 97 or something lol.

  3. Talking of it being the end of the year… I’ve had a bit of a sad feeling lately. For the past 9 months I’ve followed this blog, and you guys have let me into a snippet of your lives; I feel I know you better than some of my friends, maybe ’cause my friends don’t talk to me. Heh. But it’s disappointing to think that in a few weeks all of this will be gone, there’ll be a new set of bloggers, and I’ll have come to know you without ever meeting you (except for Rick of course). Perhaps I’ll come across all of you one day; if not, good luck.

    Note from editors: Never fear! It seems most of our bloggers have enjoyed the experience so much that they’re happy to continue into next year. Over the break we’ll be coming up with some brand new ideas for 2007 – so stay tuned!

  4. Its very annoying when someone like me who wants to make the world a better place can’t get into law because some other indifferent person felt like giving it a go…
    Oh well I guess thats one less person working in Aboriginal legal aid/legal aid… who cares… lets not make our nation more equitable… lets not make the world a better place.
    By the way, im not having a go at you Chris, unless you just feel like giving law a ‘go’ just for the sake of it.

  5. No, sam. I actually want to do law for the social justice / legal aid aspects too. Money and prestige mean next to nothing to me, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing Creative Arts. I’m aiming to do law firstly because I have always wanted to, but secondly to put it into practice as a community minded citizen, not a corporate drone who wants to increase his bank balance.

  6. Awesome to hear chris! Sorry if I sound bitter, I guess there aren’t any perfect and flawless systems out there.

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