Am I the late one? (Kripa)

Well, I guess everyone’s introduced themselves by now and I’m the one way behind. Sorry abt that, guys, had a hectic week. Anyway, u know my name by now and I don’t have any specific nicknames ( ‘cept for one that my friend accidentally said “Krispa”; I just cannot stand hearing it)

I’m too excited to start, I can’t believe I’m doing this..(Ok, calm down, Kripa). Let’s cut to the chase: I’m a Food Science undergrad and been living and enjoying in Aus for 2 yrs. I was born and brought up in Dubai (for those who dunno where that is, it’s in the Middle East, Arab country), so coming here was a dramatic change in my life. I’ll turn 18 this year (Yes!), not tall (dunno the exact measurement, been a loong time..), and probably, by glancing at my name, u can guess my nationality…or probably not. Ok, I’m Indian!! I’m not sure if any Indian has been a First year blogger, and if not, I’m greatly honoured to be the first! That’s an achievement, right?

Got a small sweet family – dad, mom n bro. We live together in our house, so not a trace of homesickness, or financial stress (thanks to my dad!) or even food-related probs – I get to eat my mom’s scrumptious traditional food everyday, so I was all settled before entering uni.

My blog structure is gonna be the same as any other blog, however, I’ll talk abt my stuff at the start and at the end, I’ll try to put 1 advice per blog for future students, so that the blog-writing caters to both my needs and the readers’ needs. Let me end my ‘blog premiere’ by sharing my interests. I love watching TV & films, listening to music (all types), reading mystery novels and currently growing an interest in cricket. Let’s see where that goes!

I don’t wanna go on and on..hope it hasn’t got boring. Just want to thank Kathryn Boin for giving me this opportunity and also, since I began this blog on a pessimisstic note (disappointment of being the late one), I shall end it on an optimistic note :

” The best is kept for last..”

Nah, just joking….trying to reassure myself, that’s all folks!!

2 Responses to “Am I the late one? (Kripa)”

  1. Q says:

    Welcome! [/spam] 😀

  2. Zoë (Arts/Science) says:

    Welcome to the blog! I don’t know anyone else doing Food Science – it sounds interesting. What sort of things do you do?

    It’s cool that you’re from Dubai. I haven’t travelled much, but I’d like to visit the Middle East. And it’s good that you get to stay at home while you’re at uni – I really miss my home.

    And don’t feel bad about being late. Isn’t “lucky last” the old saying?

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