Number 7 – License (Georgie)

Yay! I just got my license – manual if you’re interested! I was out late last night so I was a bit tired when I had to get up for my lesson and then my instructor was telling me that I wasn’t braking as well as I could and I wasn’t too confident on my three point turns and parking. But in the end it didn’t matter, I didn’t even have to do a slow maneuver.
My test was extremely quick and my instructor and the test guy were chatting the whole time and I was like – is he even testing me? And he couldn’t find anywhere for me to park so he marked my on a 90* park at the end, which was just driving straight into a park – sweet! In the end I only dropped three marks and my photo turned out alright.
Good Charlotte is playing now and I really want to smash the speakers just to make it stop, perhaps, I’ll just change the station though. I’m off then, have a good one!

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  2. Q says:

    Congrats on the licence! I still need to get my Ls. Sigh.

    Ah, Good Charlotte. I was obsessed with them for two years. Obsessed, I tell you. Then they put out The Chronicles of Life and Death which was terrible, so I stopped liking them. I’m still a big fan of their selftitled debut, though, which I thought sounded really fresh, and while their second album was very generic I’m rather fond of it. I haven’t heard all of the new album yet, and from what I’ve heard it’s very disappointing, although I was hoping for better since it was produced by Don Gilmore (same guy who did their first album).

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