I love Uni!!! (Georgie)

So semester one of my first year of uni is over, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Uni is the most awesome thing in the world. I can’t believe how good and easy and fun it is. Especially the easy part. Maybe it’s because I’m studying subjects I really like, or maybe it’s because arts is ridiculously easy, but semester one has been a breeze. I’ve had to put minimal effort in, and have managed to get H2Bs on all my essays (bar a H2A I just got back on an end of semester essay for Australia Now), and just about all of them were done the night/day before they were due. So it’s nice to know I can scape out a decent essay at the last minute. But for next semester, now that I think I have settled in, I am planning to put a bit more effort in and am hoping to get mostly H2As and a few H1s – am I aiming to high?

And our holidays are awesome! I’m only at uni for 6 months of the year, and not even really that much because next semester I’ll only be there Tuesday to Thursday – sweet! Not that I would even mind being there longer, it’s just so awesome.
And there is so much freedom and drinking! So much drinking!

My train of thought at the moment is that I’ll major in politics and history and after my BA I’ll do post-grad law (hopefully). But really I wouldn’t mind staying at uni for 10 years, that’s how much I love it!

Note on my other blog:
My friend pointed out to me that only an Arts student would think to pick out the Sultanas from Sultana Bran rather than just buying bran. Maybe this is a good point, but in my defence, it’s not that I don’t like sultanas it is just that there are too too many in my sultana bran. I’m thinking I shall buy some bran and then some sultanas so I can make a prefect ratio of bran:sultanas. Brilliant, huh?!

Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Georgie, your blogpost made me smile. I just love how even though I’m only looking at words on a computer screen I can tell just how happy and enthusiastic you really are about uni.

    Make me happy too! I love sultana bran by the way…but my alltime favourite cereal is (or rather was) Special K Apple and Cinnamon…up until they decided to STOP MAKING IT.

    Who made the decision, geeze…

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