My nerves are frazzled (Georgie)

Things that get on my nerves:

1. People who block both sides of the escalator so no one can walk past.
2. Rude customers who come into the bookshop making unreasonable demands. I just work here! I can’t change the book prices!
3. Library staff that are mean and unhelpful.
4. Being unable to find any books that I actually want in the Baillieu.
5. People not returning my text messages. Really, it takes about five bloody seconds!
6. Pieces of writing with poor spelling and grammar.
7. High heels
8. Couples that kiss in public. There is a time and a place. It is not now.
9. That ‘Umbrella’ song. It wasn’t good to start with and after hearing it a million times, it’s still not good.

I’m in a bad mood. essays suck.

One Response to “My nerves are frazzled (Georgie)”

  1. Kripa says:

    Amen to no. 1. I hate that too, dont ppl just know the etiquette? Move away! Some people wanna walk!
    High heels? Hmm..someone’s like me, then. I used to feel a bit isolated coz girls and high heels are like bread and butter. I love flat shoes/sandals although I like the sound high heels make.
    I agree with no. 8. Dear couples, there’s a place called home/hotel/tinted car to carry out all ur private stuff.
    I liked that umbrella song. Now, if I hear it again, it’s less interesting.

    Looks like u r simply annoyed. Hope u get everything right soon.

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