Calling the 1,000,000,000th Arts student! (Luke)

So I woke up this morning at (*gasp*) 7am for what I’d call a very mundane day at uni, the tours, the “welcomes”, blah blah blah! I am happy to say that the highpoint to my week will come tonight at the M-ASS O-WEEK party and tomorrow night at the Melbourne Uni “Sexy Party”. I already have my costume, pj’s with “Sleep with me” written in bold on the front…..Maybe this is all too much seeing as we don’t know each other yet…

So let’s get down to it!
My name’s Luke (am I supposed to write my last name?)
I’m an Arts student (of course) and I’m seemingly the last person to introduce myself.
I’m 19, I have an extreme interest in foreign languages (3 and counting!), not that I’ve EVER been been outside of Australia. Hopefully one day?
I have an extreme dislike for bad grammar, (really? You’re that lazy you can’t type you instead of U???).
And a bunch of about 1,000 other pet peeves and trivial annoyances that I hope you will come to love over the next year.
I know I’m such a cliche but i have to say it…I’m addicted to coffee, but then again what Uni student isn’t? Feel free to prove me wrong 🙂

This is basically what I’ve spent my last few months doing, working, sleeping, watching Mad Men (does anyone else wish they lived in the ’60’s?), and drinking copious amounts of coffee. This may be shocking to many but I am thoroughly pleased to have Summer over (more of a Winter boy) and to have the first week of uni looming.

As you can see I tend to rattle a lot, but when I’m not studying or working I promise to take up as much space on this blog with my ramblings as humanly possible. Until then, I say au revoir mes amies!

P.S. I’ve decided to add the name of the song I’m listening to as I write this: Animal by Mike Snow. Check it out!

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