O-Week – maybe sleeping in would be time better spent.

Most of us bloggers seem to be thinking that O-Week is… Well. Over-rated. “Blah.” I think Laura said? (correct me if I’m wrong!) Oh my it is blah. Very blah. Especially for us commuters, it’s nearly useless. Yesterday was a day I was looking forward to – yay clubs etc! Maybe attend a lecture on something! Wooooot! – I joined three clubs, probably would have joined more if they were… Visible. I had to ask directions for 2 of the clubs I was interested in. And the intro lectures? HA. My friends and I decided we weren’t going to hang around if the info was on the LMS, the first one we walked into, the lecturer was “…and after this session, you can find all this information on the LMS…” at which we promptly walked out.
So far only Tuesday has been worth it… Because of the freebies. Maybe the Host program could have been useful… I didn’t bother with the catch-up thing either. And today, I am staying at this place I live now, where I shall read all day. It will be grand. Here is hoping I don’t get a text from one of my new friends – “Shannon! Where are you?! They are giving away elephants! I’m naming mine Twinkles!”

2 thoughts on “O-Week – maybe sleeping in would be time better spent.

  1. i have to say your post is very funny. i’m thinking about taking an o-day off as well, sleeping in and everything.
    i wish i can join blogger team too, even though i find out about this whole thing “a bit” late. my first days in the new place and new everything were quite miserable due to the fact that i didn’t have internet [and every lecturers would say go and check it online, thanks].
    but anyway, i figured out that meeting people in the middle of o-week at uni and not even daring to hope to see them again was really not that much of a use. it’s so much cooler when we get to know each other’s sense of humour through blog entries like this. i somehow wish that the uni had made a more focused meeting like we really got a chance to know people from other faculty.
    yet, as we’re still kinda strangers to one another now, i hope i can somehow get to know you in real life!
    just a note, i’m an international student (and have studied highschool here for 2 years) and my country does not have english as first language so please pardon my mistakes in writing 🙂

  2. Heya Cotton! Thanks for the response, they’re hard to come by in these parts heh heh.
    We get told an awful lot to go look at the subject online, don’t we? 75% of the O-Week lectures told you to check out the LMS, and then we got reminded again in the first week lectures.
    That was another thing I wanted to complain about (too many complaints, too small attention span…) the fact that everything is online and it is so hard to access a computer around campus. They have them everywhere, but whenever I’ve needed one I’ve had to go through several IT labs to find one. It’s much easier now I imagine though, now that most people have their timetables…
    I haven’t seen anyone from my O-Week Host program again, like, not a glimpse. It would be different if I’d hit it off with one of them I suppose… I am very disappointed with my group. Luck of the draw though.
    Good to have you post Cotton! What course are you doing? And how are you finding the transition into uni life? 😀

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