Ah, and so tomorrow begins a new semester, same subjects (…kinda), same campus. There’s a mid-year intake, ja? New people! HI NEW PEOPLE! I HAVE TIPS FOR YOU.
– wait until after the first week to sort out whether you actually need to purchase the textbooks. it says you should buy them, but this mostly seems to be a lie. i should know, i have about $450 worth of books that i’ve opened once or twice. if you need a certain section of the text for whatever, you can go to the library! or maybe google has it! it usually does. sometimes the books are pretty useful though, the Biology one for instance has pretty diagrams, some of which cannot be found on google… ah, who am i kidding. don’t bother with the books if you can help it.

– have you just met someone that you don’t hate? that you can stand looking at? that might not stalk you? that isn’t pointing at you and laughing? GET THEIR FACEBOOK/PHONE NUMBER/ADDRESS/TIMETABLE/BIRTH CERTIFICATE. cause really, the campus is big. even if you do exactly the same subjects as this wonderful person, you probably wont run into them again. unless they are stalking you. in which case, you were a damn fool for handing over your birth certificate, driver’s license, and passport.

– clubs! you can join them if you want. personally, i’ve joined 3 (maybe?), i’ve attended only one meeting, and i know for sure that each have a weekly meeting. however, it’s the easiest and least awkward way for finding people with similar interests to you. you’re a little fish now, in a big pond of many different kinds of fish. chances are that you’ll find an interesting/funny/charming/sexy fish without trying too hard.

– lunch! make your own. unless you have money for mostly dubious food at the union house. i guess you could leave the campus for food. but everytime i do that i end up exploring some strange part of the CBD and i forget how i got there, why i left the campus, where all my money went. on the note of lunch, the food co-op is great; it nearly makes up for every other food stall thingo in the union house. nearly…

– whatever amount of study you think you’re going to do for the rest of the year, you’re wrong. adjust expectations accordingly.

– also, at least TRY to study. not studying – even your easiest subject! the one you sleep through! the one you rock up to tutes and ace! the one you love to hate! – will result in a fail. by this, i mean you’ll get 49. YOU WILL FAIL AND CURSE!!!

trust me.

i had useful things to say here… what was that…


  1. love the note on meeting new people. It’s totally true, and it’s always handy to have a few people from each subject in your phone… for those days when you turn up to class and wonder why the lecture hall is empty, or when the assignment i possibly due the next day (or possibly the next week) or when you just need someone to whinge to.

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