I'm baaaack :D (Monique)

So hi……

I kind of wrote one post and disappeared and.. and please forgive me! *gets down on knees*, I’m begging you; I never meant to hurt you first year uniMelb blog! I still love you, give me one more chance, I’ll never leave you for that long again! Please, you know we were meant to be together, just you and me and our little word and prose babies…. And okay that got disturbing fast 😉

So yes, I wrote one post and then went AWOL (some military jargon for y’all, dad was in the army, it comes with the territory ;)) It was at that time that all my assignments were starting to pile up and when they finished exams came and I lost my mind, literally. I posted up wanted posters for it everywhere and found it skulking in my dog’s house, how it got there I’ll never know…. But anyway this blog completely flew out of my mind, and I just remembered it like four days ago! So I’m sorry for not being a more regular poster, I endeavor to rectify this horrendous act next semester by posting at least every two weeks, once a week is my ultimate goal but baby steps first 😉

So how glad is everyone that exams are over?! Oh my gosh it was like I had forgotten all the pain and torture of VCE exams, why did I not create notes throughout the semester, why did I leave things till the last minute, why, why, why!! I hope that this seeps into my brain this time because if not I’m going to have to grab a hammer and smash it into my seemingly thick skull to make it stay there! And yet, the unfortunate truth is, I’ll probably do the same thing next semester -,- albeit a little less rushed hopefully. I had one exam, the biology one and three large take home essays for my other subjects. I would say biology was the hardest, only because being my only science subject, it was difficult to study in such a different way than my essays, because of course I only had to write my essays, in biology I had to remember three hours’ worth of questions -,- But good news is, I passed and vow never to take a science subject again, except for semester one of next year, but that’s only because I love evolution and genetics 😀 My friend has a huge nerd crush on Darwin 😛 and Doctor Who and Paul Bettany and all these older guys, well Darwin is the oldest and most dead I suppose and this is way off topic.

Anyway, holidays!! Yay 😀 Except not yay because every holiday without fail I get soooo bored. In the five month holiday before uni started I was ready to tear my hair out at how bored I was!! I’m actually feeling a little sick remembering those dark times, and trust me no one wants to see me bald, because apparently I have a huge head. My parents laughingly told me that when I was a baby they couldn’t by normal tops for me because they wouldn’t fit over my head, they had to always buy button up clothes -,- Lets move past my abnormally large head and discuss what I do on the holidays, but also tell me what you guys do or have done these holidays 😀 Let me know! Seriously, I’m bored right now, entertain me with hilarious anecdotes of winter fun and frolicking in the sometimes sun, hey that rhymed! 😀 I am way too tired now if I find what I just wrote funny.

So usually I read, a lot during holidays, but unfortunately I’ve found as a student at uni, especially an art student, you read so much that when you have free time the last thing you want to do is read, even if books are awesome and mind blowing and you’ve been waiting to read them since exam prep started and there sitting there on your desk with puppy eyes saying “read me, read me!”. Told you I was insane… so I haven’t been reading much. So what else do you do I hear you asking, well I watched the entire season of Once Upon A Time, and LOVED IT!!! Anyone else here watch it? What do you think? I love all the fairy-tale characters and have a massive crush on Graham *sigh*. But now that I’ve watched them all that leaves me with hanging out with my friend’s right? WRONG! I am an introverted duck who is socially awkward to a degree previously unheard of on this planet we call earth!! So not many friends, and those that miraculously seem to find me amusing are all busy 🙁 But I do hang out with them occasionally, we were going to see Brave but we cancelled it and tomorrow we are all having dinner to say goodbye to one of my best friends who is moving to Sydney.

So I am bored, out of my mind, sitting here laughing at my awful jokes, hoping that my brother needs help with his VCE homework so I have something to do, yes my life is sad, you may openly mock me, I allow it, in fact I encourage it, at least then I’ll have something to read 😛

And last but not least before I return to my endless boredom, how did everyone go with registering for classes? Did you all get the timetable you wanted? I woke up at 9:45 just so I could get on early! Although my timetable is ten times better than it was last semester (I had awful three and two hour gaps) I’m still not entirely pleased, I like to get my classes done with at the start of the day, and unfortunately my history classes with only one lecture one and one lecture two start at 3 -,- Also, I’ve decided to only take three classes this semester, so hopefully this will make things less stressful and help me improve my marks. So I’m taking psychology, Ancient History- Greece and Rome, and History- Age of Empires. What subjects are you doing?

And lastly Ben, I like the idea of the Surreptitious Seven, as a ninja in training I like to be stealthy. But for variety, I’m going to put some names out there. How about the Scandalous Seven… hmmm to risky, ooh how about the Saber-toothed Seven?  I mean Ice Age four is coming out. Or the Sacred Seven?  Too holy, Sacrificial seven? Too creepy, how about the Sackbut Seven, yes it is a word, I checked, it is an instrument of some kind. Too obscure, Saffron Seven? Too spicey 😛  Safe Seven? Too boring, Sagely Seven? Sagittarius Seven, no that doesn’t work, I’m a Libra (what are you guys?!) oooh what about the Safari Seven, then we could be like the Wild Thornberry’s 😀 I loved that show!! The Sailing Seven? Ahoy me hearties! All ye land lubbers to the poop deck (haha poop deck) The Sane, Salty, Safe, Sandy, Santa Seven? …Okay, its official, I have gone crazy, I think the Surreptitious Seven is just right (I believe I may be Goldilocks :P) I hope I haven’t made you run off with my insanity.

Thanks for reading, please comment and I can’t wait to meet you guys and eat pizza!


5 thoughts on “I'm baaaack :D (Monique)

  1. haha…awesome post :D…it is kind of late and I may be a little delirious too but at least at the moment I agree with all that was said above and sympathise with the boredom thing…

    I love the surreptitious seven as a name 🙂

    I saw Brave the other day! 🙂 It’s really good…I don’t like it quite as much as Tangled but it’s definitely up there at least at certain points…

    I also sympathise with your friend’s nerd crush on Darwin…and definitely on Doctor Who 😀

    I’m going to stop now before I go on forever…hope your holidays don’t drive you completely insane…though it would result in some interesting posts…

  2. Being tired makes us do crazy things O.O and yes boredom is nooot fun! -,-

    And so the Surreptitious Seven were born!!! As they battled their way through the fierce world of tertiary education, they gathered together to inform the online world of their lives and to give hope to some, and closure to themselves and others, and at the end of it all, they ate Pizza. The End :D….. for now.

    :0 I wanna see it!!!! I loved Tangled, omg have you seen the wedding video? So cute.

    Haha I told her and she was stoked, although she claims it isn’t a ‘crush’ on Darwin, I know better, oh I know better >:)

    Haha, please the longer and more winded the better 😛 and yes, insane and bald would be bad, and unattractive I imagine. Haha true! perhaps I should try….

  3. Hello there Monique!

    How can you hate Science? :0 As a consequence, I hereby suggest the most sciencey name for our Surreptitious Seven. The Synthesising Seven sounds absolutely wonderful. Although I am impressed by the substantial amount of names that you have found 😀

    I am also yet to see Brave, something that I must get onto soon.

    When I am bored, I read, play piano, play music, walk, periodically hibernate and consume copious amounts of food.

    Many good Winter stories to tell, I shall tell them in a blog soon 🙂

  4. 😮 How can I not hate science? No, I love biology, just everything else is.. meh.

    I refuse the name Synthesising Seven -,- I’d rather be the Sackbut Seven! I am however open for compromise, what that would be i have no idea.

    I like the idea of periodically hibernating, I must consume lot of food in preparation.

    I look forward to reading your stories of winter wonder.

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