First Year University (Benjamin)

Hello everybody!


Hope everyone’s going well and that exams are going well, for both school and uni students 🙂  I am so excited to have finally finished, it’s so surreal.  It’s crazy to think that after all that work, sweat and lack of sleep, from the moment we are told, “Pens down please,” we are free for the next few months 😀  I walked out of Wilson Hall today to soak up the little sun that was peaking between broken clouds, a hint of the warm summer to come, and enjoyed one of those fantastic nutella ‘Congratulations for finishing exams’ crepes.

It’s unbelievable (the crepes) and finishing the year too 😉    If I swing back 12 months, I would be eight days away from my French exam.  It’s such a crazy thought!  It seems so close yet so far away all the same.

In a lot of ways, I think that First Year University has been a big change in my life.  It’s forced me to grow up so quickly and discover more about who I am as a human being.  I know that sound ridiculously cheesy (Mozarella, with a hint of cheddar), but it’s so true.  I may be an (im)mature age student, but Melbourne has helped direct me and allow me to take my first couple of steps  into the big wide world.  So much has happened in the course of the year and I’ve absolutely loved it, but that’s not to say that it has been easy.  I’ve gone from the lows of the passing of my role model, my grandfather during the mid-semester swot vac.  I’ve experienced the fear and anxiety and thinking that uni is not meant for me at all.  I’ve had to learn to balance two jobs along with being a full time student.  Yet, at the same time I’ve learned to grow passionate about that which I study, I’ve made the best  friends anyone could hope for and I’ve only become more determined to achieve my dreams.

I’d like to thank Ron, Kathyrn and anyone else involved in the Transition and Orientation Department for running this blogging and allowing us students to voice our opinions and share to everyone the experience that is First Year University. 🙂

Thank you fellow bloggers: Adeshola, Jessica, Emily, Jane, Mark and Monique.  Although I only really got to meet Adeshola and Jessica, it’s been a pleasure reading about your experiences and participating in this blog with you.  Hopefully we get to meet up soon 🙂

Finally I’d like to thank you, the reader who makes doing what we do all the more enjoyable.  Whether we’ve made you laugh in disbelief or sigh and press alt-f4, I hope that we’ve enlightened you about the university experience and given you a taste into what it’s like.

Life is like being a fish in a pond.  You grow and grow until you think you know everything before you finally swim out into the big blue ocean and sea (see what I did there 😉 ) what life is really like.  It has been an adventure alright, but the journey is just beginning.   I’m excited about what is still to come.  Sure, a lot of it is unknown and not set in stone, but I walk forward a grown man ready to tackle the challenges that come my way.

Second year?  Bring it on! 😀

See you all next year on the Second Year Blog.  I look forward to reading the stories of future students 🙂

This is Ben 10, signing off for the last time.


May the Force be with you,


Benjamin xx

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  1. Ahh Ben, I shall miss the hilarious jokes and your what seems to be never ending wit!

    All the best for the future, I hope we see each other around and maybe even catch up here and there!

    Jessica xx

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