In which I cull my four foot magazine collection. (Or was it five foot?) (Victoria)

Before I decided to come to our beloved UniMelb, I was set on heading to Sydney to become a journo. During years nine and ten I literally spent thousands of dollars on magazines, both to fuel my journalistic dreams and to keep up with the Disney channel gossip (and plaster my room in hundreds of posters. Only the space behind furniture was spared). In the past few months I’ve sat in my room day in day out wondering what to do with all these magazines and I bit the bullet and decided to chuck them today.


Remember when PopStar! had the column "Mandy Knows Best!" when it so clearly should've been "Mandy always Knows!)
My year nine science class didn't appreciate e yelling at them about Justin Gaston. (He dated Miley that one time remember?)


I remember the only other time I’ve moved house, right before high school (interesting how my academic career coincide with my moving) and I cut draws full of TV Hits leaving only key issue of Girlfriend and DOLLY. I guess it’s an end of an era thing, kind of therapeutic for me.

This week I’ve taken key steps in uni prep. Monday saw me sit nervously in bed until timetabling opened so I could get one as nice as that which I’d pre-planned. (The clash-free generator generated me a clashy, five day timetable, with 9am starts. I switched it to a lovely three day week of 11am starts.) I’ve organised a meeting to pick up my apartment key after making my Daddy pay the deposit. I had a final sleepover with the number one friend.

Now I just need to pack.

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