Curing those post-holiday, Sunday night blues (Simone)

It seems I haven’t written for a while again! To get to where I am sitting now, you must fast forward me from: two blissful 12pm Saturday morning sleep-ins, a brief Autumn holiday with my family up to Hepburn/Daylesford, one half-finished Power assignment, a signed, sealed (and yet to be delivered) poem and notes (hallelujah! Always a relief to have something like that done and dusted, eh!); two shifts at the supermarket; and, to top it all off, a concert and stay-up-all-night sleepover with two of my best school friends last night. It sounds like a lot when I write it all out like that, but the week has flown faster than I could have imagined! So now, you will find Simone here, drinking a coffee to help her stay awake after getting no sleep, watching the footy on the telly in the background, listening to the rain bucket down and writing to you, because I am trying to convince myself that my brain will have difficulty functioning if I try working on any assignments or readings (other people may simply call this ‘procrastination’!).

My afternoon all sounds rather romantic written out, but in truth I must admit I have the Sunday night blues. You know that classic Sunday night feeling – when your stomach begins to churn with the dread of getting up the next day for uni/school/work? And you realise that your whole entire lovely weekend, or in this case holiday week, has all been lived and is gone! Just like that! Poof! What a terrible feeling (but perhaps in my case this feeling of hating Sunday night could have something to do with having had no sleep!). I think the only way to cure this feeling is to ensure you have, a) done everything/most of the work you have due on Monday/Tuesday to minimise stress and freak outs (I say this as my number #1 point but can definitely assure you that is not always the case for me!); b) a good DVD or television show to watch and relax with (my favourite at the moment is ‘Call the Midwife’ on ABC – always meaningful and totally engrossing – followed by the usually hilarious ‘Miranda’) ; and, c) taking a peppermint tea and book to bed to relax. It’s not a foolproof plan, but it helps all the same!

The next month and a half or so of uni is sure to hold its ups and downs, but at the very least it’s so comforting to know that I can pretty much predict the rhythm the weeks will take. Hopefully, it’ll include getting to know the people I’ve made friends with so far even better, as well as those in my tutes; maybe getting a bit more involved in a few of the UniMelb clubs and societies (of the 6 I’ve joined I’ve only been to one event – and not a single barbecue! The general lack of vegie burgers may be a contributing factor to this, but I guess I have no excuse from the coffee/chocolate/book clubs apart from not wanting to rock up all on my own! Anyone out there willing to be a clubs buddy?!). Of course, there’s also handing in my first major assignments, like the sunset essay for psychology and another for Power, the beginning of cold winter days, going to the footy, turning 19. Hopefully the next ‘half’ of the semester is a good one; I feel like uni can only get easier, now, even with all the assignments coming up. And, after reflecting on those awful tragedies just before Easter last week – my heart goes out to their friends and families, what a terrible, terrible thing to happen to anybody – I feel like I am more motivated to enjoy life as much as possible, to challenge myself, to feel so so unbelievably thankful for the opportunities I have at my feet. It sounds cliche when I write it, but I really mean that. Even as I blab on about my Sunday night issues!

I will leave you with a photo of the sunset I took notes on for psych up in Daylesford – how ‘Pride&Prejudice’ is it?!  Good luck to all out there, I bid you an excellent beginning to the week tomorrow and an enjoyable, successful next few weeks 🙂



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  1. jchalhoub says:

    Hey Simone;
    I can totally relate to the whole “procrastinating on attending club events”. Maybe we should attend some together?

  2. Simone says:

    Hey Jana, that would be lovely! Are there any upcoming events you’d like to go to? 🙂

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