Miranda Hart – my hero! – I dedicate this post to you. (Simone)

I’ve been inspired to write this type of post for a while now, but I must admit that I wasn’t entirely sure whether I wanted to admit to the world that I sometimes find myself in very awkward situations. It’s no surprise that film ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ and UK series ‘Miranda’ are two of my favourite movies/shows ever! Similarly, as a blogger, I’m not sure how I seem to you out there, as you read this on your laptop, but if you’ve seen youtuber Charlieissocoollike’s vlog ‘Meeting Real Life Charlie’, I think you can pretty much ditto everything he says to me as well!

But you know what? I think life just is awkward sometimes, and we should celebrate or enjoy these funny moments, let it all out! So I might as well tell-all, and let you have a laugh amidst this tough time of psychology sunset writing and assignments being due and uni lyf getting stressful again.

And so, it is my wish that you, kind reader, to enjoy my following short summaries of my latest embarrassing moments, in that hope that just maybe you have them too and don’t feel quite so clumsy or silly anymore!

Okay. So, I could start at how only this afternoon whilst squeezing past a table to get to my seat at the very tightly positioned cafe tables on Degraves Street, I managed to knock over the coffees of two gentleman with my uni bag!!! I am still cringing at this recollection!! (Thankfully, they were not too perturbed, assuring me the coffee hadn’t spilt on them… still very awkward though!).

But shall we start with uni-related moments?!

In no particular order, then, ahem: 

1. When it was my turn to give feedback to a classmate in my creative writing class for the first time a few weeks ago, my words got a bit jumbled, and upon running out of things to say, I managed to tell everyone (oh-so intellectually) how much I loved this poem because it “begins at the beginning and ends at the end”!! I remember the class looking at me like, “oh, really! Tell me more!”. (I am pleased to say that the class, one of my favourite tutes actually, seems to have since forgotten this moment entirely! Phew!!)

2. One particular very windy day, complete with a severe icy chill and heavy rain, I found myself trying to multi-task outside the John Medley building with little success: my umbrella had turned itself inside out and the wind was pulling it away from me – there was definitely a split second where I thought I would become Mary Poppins and fly away! – and, whilst I tried to pull this misbehaving umbrella back the right way, my skirt was flying up with every gust of wind (approx every 0.2 seconds)… so with the rain blowing in my face, I was holding my skirt down with one hand, and simultaneously fighting with the umbrella with my other hand, standing crouched over in a way that I desperately hoped would preserve some dignity! For those who are unaware, the John Medley building is positioned at a key university entrance, so just to top this little moment off, a huge group of students were passing me, many of them laughing. Which sounds kind of mean of them when I write it, but it felt so funny and silly that I was laughing too! Sometimes, all you can do is laugh or cry, and laughing makes things a hell of a lot better. A couple of guys with their water-proof-yet-cool jackets (curse them) paused as they passed and were like, “you right there?!”, to which I nodded and did a little laugh/cry. “Turn the other way and the umbrella will pull back!” they said kindly. I smiled gratefully and spun around. The umberella hit me in the face and I fell backwards. I think you get the picture!! Ahh, never going to forget this little moment…

3: Forgetting someone’s name after you’ve met them three times and you’ve got to the stage in the friendship where you can’t possibly ask for their name without making it completely awkward… I wish I was better with names! And then, when you see someone else you know, and they both look at you like ‘why aren’t you introducing us?!’, but you can’t because you don’t know one of their names!! Oh dear! Actually, a good thing to do with someone whose name you can’t remember/never heard is to be like, ‘hey, why don’t we exchange numbers?’ – and give them your phone to put the number into so you get the name, too! Perfect eh!?

4. Whilst sitting waiting for a friend one sunny afternoon, a guy from one of my tutorials came out of Union House and nodded and smiled, a bit of a boysish ‘what’s up’ nod. I was a tad surprised because we hadn’t really spoken that much before, but thought that was nice of him, so I smiled and waved back… only to turn to my left and see the group of girls beside me waving and calling out to him! He began to approach them and saw me, mid-wave. I turned my wave into a casual arm stretch, smiled awkwardly, grabbed my bag and left!

5. Tripping over a guy’s bag whilst climbing through the a row of seats to get to the group of spare ones in the middle! I will never understand why people sit on the ends of rows, though, and make it awkward for everyone else trying to squeeze through with their bags and  all. Move to middle, people!! The same goes for being on a packed tram, an experience of which I am totally used now. But I just don’t get why people want to stand at the doorway of the tram, like sitting at the edge of a row in a lecture theatre. It really doesn’t take very much effort to move accross a tad, and would surely make it a lot better for everyone around. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, #firstworldproblems! And I guess they are, but sometimes little acts of kindness, or politeness even, can really encourages others to be the same and so the kindness increases or begins a bit of a ‘cycle’ if you like. Or else just decreases the level of awkwardness in ones day, which is lovely too!


Has anyone got their own little funny moments they would like to share?! Please comment if so! And so thus together, we can giggle (and cringe) at the awkwardness/humour of the everyday life, the life that people seem to always assume to be perfect and dandy all the time.

I like signing off with a picture! (I wish I knew how to stop it being stretched, though!) But anyway, today, in theme with this blog, we have a screenshot of Miranda Hart clubbing. God bless.


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  1. jchalhoub says:

    Hey Simone, if you’re still interested in going to some club events together email me at penalopej@hotmail.com. This post really cracked me up! needed it amidst this pressuredul time of the semester 🙂

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