Stop- Don't say that it's impossible because I know it's possible. (Victoria)

It’s Eurovision weekend and I’ve been thinking about the concept of a “Guilty pleasure”.

I’ve never felt guilty about things I enjoy. I got home yesterday to find a friend watching Project Runway which he stated was a guilty pleasure. I’m not a fan of the show, but I watch plenty of crappy (read: brilliant) TV that I’m mocked for. like when someone caught me watching The City alone at midnight, or the days I spent watching The Hills. But I’m cool with that. I’m proud to love those shows, and other scripted realities.

it’s the same with music and everything else. One girl I live with was telling me she used to have a hidden playlist so her friends wouldn’t see what music she really liked. I spent high school dancing the “Hoedown Throwdown” with pride. Some of my most played songs are of the Wizard Rock or TARDIS Rock (Time Travel Rock? I’m not sure, but Chameleon Circuit at any rate) genres.

My PR watching friend mistook my mocking him as my thinking he should feel guilty for loving it, but I just meant he shouldn’t like it in the first place. I’ll judge you if you like crap things, but I still think you should be proud to love them.

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