Holidays begin!! (Simone)

The sun is shining, St.Kilda are playing Melbourne in thirty or so minutes (hence will probably win for once!! – touchwood though…), and the assignment-free, exam-free, week of (coffee) drinking, catching up, shopping, dancing?, movie watching, chocolate eating, all beckons. Holidays are upon me, hallelujah!! Winter has never looked so appealing.

I know you’re absolutely dying to hear how I finished all of my assignments with a flourish, emerging from under the heap of papers and notes on my desk with a wild smile and a fist pump, eh?! Yeah, I didn’t think so! Now that the exams and essays are done and submitted, it’s been out of sight, out of mind from there, for me at least. It feels pointless to reflect on how they all went – especially as so far all of my results at uni have each been totally unexpected! The ones I thought I would do terribly I got my best marks, the ones I thought were the easiest and I felt the most confident about I only did average. (That said, I highly doubt I’m going to surprise myself and find out I did amazing in the psychology exam!). At the moment all I can think is thank effing god they’re done, and I don’t care about the rest! But… that will probably all change come July the 12th, D-Day. Surviving the first semester at university feels like a brilliant achievement so far, but it will take those results to totally confirm that I did actually survive, if that makes sense.

So, I have to admit that I don’t totally have a plan for the holidays. Being from Melbourne means there is no trip back to anywhere to reunite with family, no holidays away anywhere exotic, no road tripping, escapes to Bali or journey’s to Europe for me, just yet, anyway. But that’s OK with me for now. If this coming week is anything to tell by, the winter holiday is still going to be pretty busy! Suddenly it’s become just as busy, if not busier, than a normal week at uni. But I mean that in a good way, it’s a nice busy: dinner out, babysitting, brunch with a bestie, work, work, off to the movies with some lovely friends, work, out to my first uni-club event on Thursday night – a cocktail attire-occasion with unlimited wine/beer and lots of Greek dancing! (Jana, if you’re reading this!- we should be so proud of finally doing something!! Our first melbourne uni club event! It’s taken long enough but we got there, eh! 🙂 )… more babysitting, working, coffee-drinking, another movie… phew! Lots to look forward to, though.

A few vague memo’s to myself for the next five or so weeks:

1. Even if I have nothing planned for the day, I will not sleep in until midday. (Only allowed twice a week, max…)

2. I will be thankful for any shifts at supermarket I manage to acquire, because work = good $$ (eg. for season three of Miranda!!). Will try not to dwell upon the hours I stand at one register asking for flybuys, however bored, however irritating/rude customers are, however much work has deferred a possible 12pm sleep in or a coffee catchup with a friend.

3. I will socialise, party, and drink (I mean caffeine, eh?). Not only because socialising means catching up with lots of good friends and that is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures, but because there is a certain feeling amongst oneself that having holidays should indeed mean being kind of “wild” – whatever you wish to define this as! – and most definitely lots of “fun”, just because you know that soon you’ll bogged down by assignments again.

 4. I will never complain about boredom. If bored, I will attempt to bake (I say ‘attempt’ because there have been some epic baking failures!), attempt to exercise on multiple occasions (I tend to get really psyched up to exercise, and then go for one run, realise how unfit I am, forget this in my being proud of efforts in having put on runners, then convince myself I’ve done enough for at least a month), and absorb myself in ‘fun’ activities…

5. I will do all those things I say I would do if I wasn’t caught up with uni and work at all – eg. clean my bedroom (but there’s no rush, eh…)

6. I will make sure I try to get prepared for next semester, especially including looking at the available classes for each subject before the class registration opens, as to avoid any 3 or 4 hour breaks between lectures/tutes because god knows that that last lecture/tute will have to seem very important or be very interesting in order to be bothered to stick around.

7. I will not get slack with my blogging over the break!


If you are on holidays now too – congrats and enjoy!! If not, keep on fighting those exams and you will reach that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow soon enough, and it will be glorious (sorry to be so cliche, footy is on and I am now thoroughly distracted…!).

Have a safe and happy holidays lovelies! 😉




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