I'm home and everything is wrong. (Victoria)

So, as you should know, I moved out of home to go to UniMelb, so going home for holidays is one of the things I do. So I got home about an hour ago and have only noticed how different everything is. My parents now have no children at home (I was the seventh and last to leave) so they have their own armchairs. There’s no snack food in the fridge. (I haven’t even checked the cupboards yet!) There’s a new internet router. Mum has a new address book. Just little things all over the house are just a little bit different.

Then I get t my room. As soon as one of my sister’s moved out at the end of last year Mum emptied and re-painted her room, so I was worried that would happen to mine. It hasn’t. It hasn’t changed too much. When I came home at Easter my bed had bee replaced (with a bigger, more comfortable one), and my table had been taken out. Now the cupboard’s been taken out. No big changes. My desk and bookshelf are still here. My chipped purple paint. I even noticed my old nail polish stain on the floor. But it doesn’t smell right. It smells like an op shop. I mean, I’m pretty sure the piles of children’s clothes in the corner are from the op shop, so it makes sense, but it’s wrong.

After four and a half hours of smelling v-line (which I would not wish upon anyone, especially the regional coaches) I just wanted to smell home y’know.

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  1. Simone says:

    Sorry to hear it’s not quite as you planned Victoria 🙁 Hopefully it’s getting better now you’ve settled into home a bit more?

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