We're not the new kids any more. (Victoria)

With our second semester starting in just a few days, how will it be different from last semester?

I’ll probably tell myself I’ll d the work more and keep organised and not leave assignments with two days to go (one for research, one for writing. What more do you need?) but considering I’ve already told myself all holidays I’ll read my books for English and haven’t it’s not looking promising.

I have a four day timetable this semester and I’m already deciding I really don’t need to go on Mondays and most of Wednesday is lectures too so I can skip that. This isn’t the way to efficient studenting.

I might tell myself that now having internet at home means I’ll actually get around to listening to lectures online but we all know it just means I’ll be able to procrastinate more with tumblr, etc.

I’ve already acknowledged that I’ll participate in just as few uni events so no need to even go there.

I hope this is super promising for any new students.

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