Semester two begins – with sunshine and a blue sky (Simone)

Somehow we’re back at uni again! I swear I didn’t live through a whole 5 weeks of holidays. There isn’t much proof of my holidaying – my bedroom is probably just as messy as it was before (that was probably expected, though) and I’m not more ‘rested’ or relaxed (a holiday bedtime of 1am probably didn’t help that! Such a struggle to switch my sleeping pattern back!).

But aside from this, it’s actually wonderful to be sweeping through the South Lawn in the sunshine with a hot coffee and the promise of exciting new subjects to begin and get into, and of all the people I’m yet to meet in tutorials on Thursday. UniMelb feels like it has this beginning-of-semester-glow to it. There are suddenly so many more students around (presumably because everyone attends the first week of lectures and becomes choosey about going to the rest?!)… so the lectures are full again, and everybody  seems reasonably happy to be back, not yet bogged down by weeks of readings they haven’t done, and assignments they should be doing, etc, etc. I don’t know, maybe it’s the weather, the picture-perfect blue sky and green grass, or the lovely coffee and vibe of the Shanti Bhagwan Cafe just out from the Alice Hoy building that I write to you from this morning, but being at uni just feels good!

At this stage, dropping psychology is the best move of my university life so far. Of the three lectures I’ve been to, I’ve actually understood everything the lecturers have said (HOORAY! But trying not to get my hopes up prematurely – I haven’t been to Politics yet!). I mean, I’ve zoned out a couple of times, sure. The Literature lecturer spoke about this French modernist poet Baudelaire for a while and all I could think was I wonder whether ‘A Serious of Unfortunate Events’ (with Count Oalaf and his eye tattoo?!) was inspired by the poet Baudelaire’s name for the last name of three childrenand then what did happen at the end of that series? Did I even reach the end back in grade 6? Hmmm… I don’t mean to say that the lecture was boring or anything, though! My little drift away from topic was definitely more due to my own lack of sleep. Coffee this week is way more important than ever before! But, yeah – the life without psych is suiting me so well! My subjects are actually relating to my VCE course last year and the overlap is a serious relief, because it’s not all sciencey gibberish and the Basal Ganglia!

I guess it’s a bit difficult and sad too, of course. I’ve run into a few of the people I sat with in psych and hated having to tell them I wouldn’t see them there again. But one of the girls I remain close to from our tute last semester, and though walking into lectures and tutes not knowing anyone (all over again like semester 1) kind of sucks, I’m not going to let that get to me or freak me out. It’s a lovely sunny winter morning and Melbourne University is my oyster, if you get what I mean!

Hopefully everyone is feeling similarly happy to be back? Good luck for your tutes! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Semester two begins – with sunshine and a blue sky (Simone)

  1. After our English lecture on modernism today I had a representation AND tute also on modernism. If I don’t have an understanding old modernism y the end of this week I have failed.

  2. Oh my god! Modernism overload haha! I didn’t expect Lit to go into it so much!! I’m sure I won’t either hahaha, but we’re meant to find it tricky right?! It proves we’re thinking about it deeply 😉

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