Better Late Than Never (Adi)

Needless to say my first blog post is long overdue and my sincerest apologies for this.  Finding a moment to put ‘pen to paper’ has been rather tricky but at last the moment has been found.

My two and a half weeks have been a total whirlwind, where to even begin! I crossed over oceans in order to find myself in Melbourne – two flights, 24 hours later. The time difference between Melbourne and home is 8 hours, which explains why I felt somewhat drunk when the plane touched down. My body was telling me it was bedtime but the break of dawn that gently beat down on my back was telling me otherwise. However the excitement of being somewhere new is what kept me alive and kicking.

My name is Adikinyi (I’m sure you’re having a good go trying to say my name) but everyone calls me Adi and I’m a Kenyan gal – born and breed. Why I have chosen to leave charming Nairobi to attend university 20,000km or so away, well, that’s a very good question. A question I have been asked many of times but I answer differently every time. I am studying Arts hoping to major in Sociology and Media & Communication, then again a lot can change over a year. What’s so great about being an Arts first year is that you have the opportunity to dabble in any 4 subjects you are keen on each semester; two arts disciplines, an arts foundation subject and a breadth option so you don’t’ really need to make a solid decision on what you want to major in until your second year. It’s a week into the semester and I’m really excited about it all. There’s this unexplainable something that I feel and a great feeling it is.

Settling into the unimelb way of life isn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. O-week helped with that transition quite a bit. It was a jam packed Monday to Friday with seminars and events and BBQ’s meeting dozens and dozens of new faces. My feet were sore all through the week as I quite literally was always on the move. There was oh so much to take in. To sum it all up the year ahead seems promising with thrilling highs (lows cant be avoided either but I shall take them as they come). With that said I bid you adieu, as I must finish off reading one communist manifesto. A lengthier tell all blog shall come your way sometime next week. Until then, have a lovely labor day tomorrow!


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