Yes, a first year blogger by the name of Adi does still exist (Adi)

A full semester has past and I have regrettably posted a single blog post. Though I do have countless excuses no amount of them could rightly justify why this is so. Nonetheless I shall go ahead and excuse myself. The first and foremost reason is my first semester has been the opposite of what I thought it would be. An ambiguous statement I know but its simplicity sketches the whole story. Settling down has been challenging. Adjusting to the upbeat tempo of university took me by surprise. The independence that is reiterated time and time again is not a bunch of mambo jambo. You have yourself to account for – YOYO (you’re on your on). And by YOYO I mean if you don’t attend your lectures or listen to them online, if you don’t do the required readings, if you don’t attend your tutorials and if you don’t hand in your assignments, let’s just say every action has a reaction which I have experienced more than once. Secondly the University of Melbourne is huge and being a newbie to not only the university but Melbourne as well has had its challenges. Foreign environments can be daunting. You find yourself having once had a secure friendship group and knowing your way around to not having your ‘people’ with you and not knowing where anything is. In consequence I initially felt out of my element, just another face in a crowd. And lastly, my living arrangement failed to meet my idealized expectations. The romanticized picture I had conjured up was far from my reality. My flat mate and I are not the best of friends, I do not have weekly rendezvous with my neighbors and I do not use the gym as regularly. Rather; my flat mate and I quite possibly dislike each other – I can go days without seeing her (and to think we live in a shoe box), I only know one of my neighbor’s who simply put is an ******* (that’s a story for another day) and I use the gym as regularly as I was seen at my Monday 9am sociology lectures. My initial weeks in Melbourne were far from ideal, which as you can imagine did upset me a fair bit. At a point I did contemplate transferring universities, however I did what any reasonable sole would do: I stuck it out and can you imagine things did get better? I got a hang of the ‘independence thing’, which correlated greatly with me maturing a fair bit and just like that everything eventually did begin to fall into place, at a slower pace than I would have liked but it did happen nonetheless. I have faced growing up with mixed emotions but I like to think I’ve done it all right? The person that I am today isn’t who first arrived in Melbourne 4.5 months ago which is something I didn’t expect, well at least as fast as it did. That’s life isn’t it, it meanders all over the place and because of all the twists and turns that sweep you unexpectedly, who you were at the beginning of the journey isn’t entirely the same person when the meandering stops, it isn’t the same person at all… I apologize for my out-of-the blue attempted philosophical rant but what is a decent blog post without one? This new chapter of my life has consisted of a fair bit of philosophising like what is a future and do I have one – which unfortunately has resulted in me sitting in a puddle of tears more than once, as well as reflecting on who the **** am I and who do I actually want to be – you know the usual stuff. Is a Bachelor of Arts actually a Bachelor of ‘Anything’ like everyone deems it so? Or will it helpfully get me a job in a profession that I will adore like it’s supposed to? But then this got me thinking even more; will 21 year old me love what 18 year old me did? There’s just so much to think about you see, that’s why I have decided to live in the present, it won’t be possible all the time but I shall try my best to do so and ponder over a future when necessary. University is an interesting time in one’s life – interesting is a word I quite hate as it’s meaning is oh so vague, but I feel it fits best when attempting to describe the phenomena that is university. As I have found that the time that you spend in university is what you make it, it’s as simple as that. With that said, I bid you adieu, until I type again.

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  1. Adi, you’ve managed to capture everything i’ve been feeling into such eloquent prose. I bow down to you 😛

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