50 Shades of First Year (Tanika)

I’d love to start this off with something unbelievably witty but alas, I’m a science student (Just kidding! being hilarious is in our genes)

There’s something about being a blogger that brings about the pressure of making your online presence seem like the bomb dot com, but considering the only pressure I seem to be encountering right now involves the words biology and midsem, this is as good as it’s going to get.

So I’m Tanika, a nineteen year old Indian from Dubai. Currently coping with the lack of Vitamin D and camels (and no, we do not ride them to school). I’m a science student with a passion for diplomacy and social justice and enjoy getting my knickers in a twist over things that really matter (i.e. olive oil flavored gelato- I mean seriously). I’m also a sucker for a good jazz bar, a full-bodied pinot and every once in a while you’ll find me lurking around the state library reading up on the Indian Freedom Movement.

I started off last semester with the big, beautiful dream of becoming a doctor only to find medicine really wasn’t for me and that I had probably just watched one too many episodes of Greys Anatomy. One of the greatest things about the Melbourne model is the inclusion of breadths. Being able to bounce around and see what felt truly right was quite frankly, a ‘breadth’ of fresh air. It helped me realize as much as I do love science, I love the realm of politics, international affairs and diplomacy much more and am extremely excited to delve into it this semester.

So I look forward to keeping you keen beans updated on my latest adventures from boycotting peas after learning about Mendelian genetics to what it’s like having to share showers whilst living at college (a.k.a how to appreciate living at home 101).

Until next time!


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